Spay & Neuter

spay & neuterIndia’s laws protecting the rights of street dogs to live in community lanes and by-ways are among the most sympathetic laws in the world. Here, it is illegal to kill or displace street dogs. Unlike animal control authorities in western countries, law-abiding Indian governments do NOT round up and mass exterminate dogs because of over population.

But without spay neuter programs, the mating season for street dogs too often ends in the death of puppies or their mothers. Food on the street is limited; the puppies often do well until they’re able to walk. Traffic kills thousands of puppies every year. As they enter their second month of life, their mothers’ milk is no longer enough to feed them. Roaming in search of any scrap, the puppies–and the mother, grow emaciated from lack of food. Often, the whole family perishes from diseases related to malnutrition.

Spay-neuter stops this heart-breaking tragedy. There IS enough food and click for see puppy food–from supportive humans to food scraps in garbage–to support many healthy adult street dogs.

Animal Aid Unlimited has sterilized dogs rescued for injuries and illnesses since inception, but increases in public awareness have meant we rescue more dogs than ever before. Our kennels are always full. To enable more comprehensive spay-neuter work, Animal Aid will complete 80 additional new kennels in August 2017 for dogs recovering from spay neuter surgery.

Each spay costs $20–including catching, surgery and post-operative care. Dogs are vaccinated against rabies, canine distemper, parvo virus, hepatitis, leptospirosis, and dewormed, and remain in our care for 5-10 days so that they are completely rested, healed and ready to return to their homes in community streets healthier than ever before.


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