Animal Aid provides life-saving medical treatment and care to rescued animals at our hospital in Badi, Udaipur.

We take street animals into our care who are suffering with anything from a broken leg, a nasty wound, mange, or those who have been hit by a vehicle.

Animal Aid’s team of veterinary doctors and nurses, along with support care givers, treat about 150-200 dogs, cows and donkeys each day.

Animal Aid support staff and volunteers assist in speedy recoveries by handfeeding and encouraging sick or anxious animals to eat, by providing warmth, giving baths, physical therapy, and most vitally, by giving love.

After recovery…
In the case of dogs, if the patient has fully recovered and is able to run, jump, find food, and protect herself on the street, she is then returned to the same spot where she was rescued from. Watch this quick video of an Udaipur neighborhood welcoming back a recovered dog and her puppies.

Careful records are kept of the emergency who reported her injury or illness on our helpline. This person is contacted before release to ensure her safety post release. We encourage the caller to keep special attention on the dog and to call us if anything happens to her in the future.


Rescued donkeys when fully recovered and able to carry a load on their back without suffering from any pain or discomfort are returned to their owners.

Donkeys who are not fit for work, because of a fracture, or disfiguring injury of any kind, remain in Animal Aid’s sanctuary.

Cows are released at various temples in Udaipur where they are fed grass by visitors.


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