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Sponsor Dobie by clicking “ADD TO CART” above and then clicking “CHECK OUT” on the right side of the screen.

He was named Dobie because he needed to have his tail amputated and when he was just a young puppy we thought that even though he’s a pure Indian street dog, he looked like a Doberman.

But tail amputation was not his biggest problem. His pelvis and hind legs had been crushed in a car accident. He had multiple fractures. He would certainly have perished if he hadn’t been so young. Being young, he still had fairly soft bones, and because of this, Dobie, with double leg casts, limited mobility, and lots and lots of love, after 6 months of therapy gradually recovered.

Today Dobie walks “funny”—one hind leg crosses over the other one making him stumble a bit. He can’t control his pee and so whenever he sees someone he loves (and he loves many people) you have to watch where your foot is because it’s definitely  gonna get wet.

He has developed a charming under-bite so that his lower teeth jut out ahead of his uppers, making him look all the more adorable. His soft eyes, his joy in affection, have made Dobie one of the most beautiful dogs in—in—in the world!

Thank you for helping give Dobie the princely comforts he so deserves. We know his light of love is shining on you all the way from his little pea-patch in India.

Sponsor Dobie by clicking “ADD TO CART” above and then clicking “CHECK OUT” on the right side of the screen.

After making your $75 sponsorship donation, you will receive a personalized Certificate of Sponsorship with a beautiful photo of Dobie that you (or the person you’re gifting it to) can print to remember him often! We’ll also send you a letter including information about your Sponsored friend.

If you are making this sponsorship as a gift for someone, please write their name in the ‘Order Notes’ box on the Check-out page so that we can name him or her on the Certificate of Sponsorship.

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  1. rishabh

    Happy to have Dobie sponsored..May he live a wonderful life ahead.

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