Animal Aid Unlimited runs a busy animal hospital and shelter in Udaipur, Rajasthan India. Ownerless street animals are rescued, healed, loved, and returned to the neighborhoods from where they came.

Each day, about 200 animals are treated and encouraged to thrive.

Animal Aid’s purpose is to both bring relief to suffering animals, and to awaken compassion among people. Showing everyone a path for action is where we begin.

Item Cost in Indian Rs. Approx Cost in US$ Donate towards this item
Sterilizing and inoculating against rabies 10 street dogs, most of whose puppies would simply not survive more than three months Rs. 4,500 $100 coming soon
One week of petrol for the ambulances (attendance of 100+ emergencies) Rs. 4,500 $100 coming soon
Rabies inoculation for 160 street dogs Rs. 4,500 $100 coming soon
Plaster and wound dressing for 20 animals Rs. 4,500 $100 coming soon
“Elizabeth” collars to protect dogs from licking sutures or wounds x 10 @ Rs 200 each Rs 2,000 $45 coming soon
Space Heater for puppies and sick animals in winter @ Rs 1500 each x 2 Rs 3,000 $65 coming soon
Newspaper advertisement with Emergency Rescue number promoting street animal rescue (one notice reaches 100,000 people) Rs 1,000 $25 coming soon
Phoning for emergency rescue (1 month = 500+ emergencies) Rs 4,000 $90 coming soon
Complete course of medicated mange-baths for 20 dogs (8 baths per dog over 4 weeks) Rs 4,500 $100 coming soon
Tick and flea shampoo baths for 50 permanent shelter dogs (2 baths per month) Rs 7,500 $160 coming soon
Dry grass for 30 cows and 20 donkeys for one month Rs 18,000 $400 coming soon
De-worming for 50 dogs recovering at Animal Aid from injury Rs 550 $12 coming soon
Hoof trimming for 25 donkeys 2-3 times a year (2,000 per visit) Rs 6,000 $130 coming soon
Sand replenishment in Handicapped Heaven once a year Rs 6,000 $130 coming soon
Tubs (see cost for blankets below) for 150 dogs on cold winter nights (October-February)  (these are plastic tubs and their average life span is about one year thanks to chewing, etc; they need to be replaced each year)

Cost per tub @ 150

Rs 22,000 $490 coming soon
Blankets Rs 10,000 $220 coming soon
30 hot water bottles for hypothermic dogs, sick dogs and those recovering from surgery Rs 5,000 $110 coming soon
Cleaning supplies for 1 month. We use bio-degradable neem oil-based cleaning agent throughout the hospital; chemical cleaners used only in Operating Theater Rs 8,000 $170 coming soon
Pain relief medicine for a terminally ill cow (cows cannot be euthanized in Rajasthan) for 5 days Rs 350 $8 coming soon
Mattress with durable water-proof covering for a donkey or cow who is unable to stand. This is essential in preventing bed sores caused from laying on a hard surface Rs 2,500 $55 coming soon
Cucumbers, tomatoes, cauliflower and cabbage (they are a delicacy) purchased at a reduced rate feeding 50 large animals (and 5 pigs) for one month(200 kg per day) Rs 3,100 $70 coming soon
Seeds and fruit for 15 recovering birds for one month Rs 1,500 $35 coming soon
The total operating costs of Animal Aid Hospital for one month Rs 5,00,000 $12,000  coming soon

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