When a beloved pet passes away, in sharing your memories and their inspiration you can also save the life of another animal at Animal Aid.

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We were lucky to spend 8 years with Momo. He brought so much happiness, love and laughter. He changed our lives forever and we will miss him terribly. He was a wonderful companion and showered us with unconditional love. He will always have a special place in our hearts. We love you and miss you Momo – you were the best pet we could have asked for! Hope you get all your favorite treats in dog heaven! <3  The Singhwi Family

When Dee brought you home, you changed our hearts. We lived a happy 9 years with you, the funniest, cutest most lovable family member, you always loved Dee the most. So when we lost him, we knew you just stayed to bring us back to life, give us some structure, before you joined him in heaven (God Willing). We love you both so much, in loving memory of Our Dee, and Our Teddy

In honor of Diesel, my first dog. You were so gentle, and had the power to make anyone smile. I’ll always remember your joy on snowy days, your bottomless stomach, and your love for anyone you met. I promise to pay forward all that you taught me. Until we meet again, my beautiful boy. July 2005 – Sept 2018

For 16 years, Cocktail filled our lives with immense joy & happiness with his unconditional love. He had the gentlest spirit, earning him fans anywhere he went. From children to dog haters, he was loved by one and all. To us though, he was so much more. His kind eyes could melt your heart. His floppy ear brought out the goofball in him that much more. He was the perfect friend and companion in every sense. For 16 years, Cocktail made our family complete and while he has crossed the rainbow bridge, he will live in our hearts forever. Run free now, dearest Cocktail.

Whisky, our beautiful German Spitz was my best friend, sibling and the joy in our family’s lives. Every day he brought us immeasurable happiness with his naughtiness, joie de vivre and gentle demeanor. He loved travelling, playing football, eating chicken and has visited the corners of India and even flown to the USA! I miss him terribly every day. Love you, Whisky – Chotu, Shevy, Ramanan and the Chandrasekhar family.

It wasn’t I who rescued you at eight weeks, Scout. It was you who rescued me. Fourteen years of being a blessing beyond words; and bestowing comfort to all, whether footed, pawed or winged. You were a devoted therapy dog for nearly thirteen years, touching hundreds of lives. An exceptionally intelligent and extraordinarily gentle soul, who is the catalyst for my being a better human. love, amy

Ollie you were my life. I asked GOD to please tell you I love you now and forever. I feel so empty without you. Love, Dad.

Sadly, I said goodbye to my boy, Ben, with the love and dignity he deserved. He had a significant deterioration overnight, so I took the extremely difficult decision to end his suffering to allow him to go gently and peacefully. I’m utterly heartbroken. I always maintained Ben’s life would be about quality, not quantity, and I’d like to think since his diagnosis 51 weeks ago that I’ve followed this ethos to the letter. Ben was diagnosed with a brain tumour. We opted for surgery followed by a month of radiotherapy. Ben has been the inspiration for me to get on with life whilst managing the highs and lows that come with my own chronic health condition. Ben never ceased to amaze me over the past year with the bravery and resilience he showed.  Despite enduring invasive brain surgery, Ben remained upbeat and still wanted to go for his walks and play with the many hundreds of toys he possessed. I’m not ashamed to admit Ben was thoroughly spoiled. He was the most pampered pooch I know. Not only has Ben been my constant companion (and bedfellow) over these past eight years, he’s also been my very best friend and I’ll miss him more than I can say. If love alone could have kept him here, he’d have lived forever.

In memory of Captain Nemo. He was a street dog from Brooklyn, NY who we rescued when he was 10-months old and passed a week short of his 9th birthday. He loved dirty socks, long walks in cool weather, vacation with backyards, bacon, neck hugs, belly rubs, naps, family cuddles, barking out our window, high fiving, leg massages and table scraps. He made us a family and there will be a little hole in our hearts forever.

In memory of Ollie, who we rescued when he was 8 months old, and who rescued us right back. Ollie had many nicknames – the onslaught of affection, wild-man, mom’s shadow and Laverne. But to everyone who knew him he was all love, all the time. He was convinced that every person and animal he met wanted to have their face licked. And he succeeded most of the time. We think of you every day good boy, and will always miss your big heart and loving eyes.

This is Pixie. I met her when she was just one week old and fell in love. She was intelligent, sensitive, always waiting for me when I got home and she always slept next to me, purring when I stroked her belly. For the past 10 years, we’ve only spent about 10 days and nights apart. She died December 30, 2017 of cancer. I miss her so very much…

I may be a little biased, (As Aunties are allowed to be!) but Lucky was the most soulful, intuitive, love-filled being that walked this earth. She was my Sister’s best friend, keeper of her heart and true soulmate. There was not a soul in this world who could offer her the same depth of love, protection or understanding through life’s joys and sorrows. Lucky was the source of constant, faithful and unconditional love, for which she asked nothing in return. Our world was far richer for her having left paw prints of gentleness, etched on our hearts. My beautiful baby Sister, I know that Lucky is your forever love … Together, we will remember every cuddle, pat, snuggle, walk and lessons of love she taught us. Her legacy of love will remain with us forever. I love you xo

In a mere 13 years, Barclay taught me some of the most important life lessons: unconditional love, humor, patience, living in the moment, and most painfully, letting go. I always gave you the best I could, but unfailingly, you gave far more than you took. In your final hours, you crawled onto my lap to comfort me and I was so grateful I could be there for you like you’d been there for me. I’ll never forget you.

They were life partners, and for most of my adult life until Brak’s passing in 2012, and Monkey’s passing in 2016, they were my compatriots through college graduations, marriage, divorce, several moves, new jobs, new adventures, and all the while they gave me nothing but the unadulterated love that only dogs are capable of expressing. I did my best to do right by both of them, nearly emptying my savings in their latter days as both of them succumbed to illness.  I owed them so much more than I was ever capable of giving them, and I always donate in their memory as a measure of back payment on a debt of love of which I will never be free.

Our dear, sweet, beautiful Black Olive was unspeakably amazing; such a refined warrior, always handling herself with the utmost dignity, poise, and grace. She was an amazing mother, always fiercely protecting her Banana. I will miss her soft nuzzles and cuddles, even her gentle nips when she was feeling salty. She was truly one of a kind. She was and always will be my gorgeous smoky quartz goddess. We are so blessed to have shared our home with her. I am honoured she opened her hearts up to us. Sleep sweetly, my precious girly. You will always be loved and forever held dearly in my heart.

Klyde was rescued from a kill shelter in TX when he was one year old..he was family the moment I saw him..he carried a stuffed animal around at all times. Never threw him a toy or a treat that he didn’t catch in mid-air…he was one of the most gentle and loving furkids I’ve ever had. Got along with everyone and everything, (& being a ” rescue & foster house, that’s saying a lot about him) He was 141 lbs of pure gentle. He loved to high five everyone, & just lay his head in your lap…love him and miss him immensely every day… will be so happy to see that big goofy boy again someday.

In memory of our beloved Oliver. You taught us to love and care in ways we did not think possible, thank you for being such a bright light in our lives. You brought so much joy and presence to our world, you will be forever missed. May you have endless chewies, adventure walks, rolls in the grass, pets and naps in the sun. Oliver 11/27/06 ~ 9/27/17

My dear little Joey, a rescue like my other cats, was found living outdoors with his ear tips black with cancer from sun exposure. The rescue group’s vet removed them to save his life, and without them, he looked like a little seal pup or polar bear cub! Calm and friendly, he was a favorite with everyone. Joey had feline herpes, which gave him a recurring corneal ulcer and painful throat sores, made worse by his bad teeth, which had to be removed. After that, with daily meds, he was happy and healthy until kidney failure took him, much too soon, at only 9. I dearly miss my sweet marshmallow boy with his beautiful amber eyes and have planted a little tree to tend with love in his memory.

This little spitfire is Mia St. John, stubborn until the end. She had a LOT to say for nearly 14 years, made many friends, and harassed a lot of dogs, all much larger than her. She is missed terribly by her mother, friend Luna who she stole bones from, tons of Aunts, and some other dogs she tolerated. In our hearts forever, and forever giggling thinking about you, old lady.

You left unexpectedly and thirteen years full of joy and love that we shared together is so very little. You’ll be forever in my memory and in my heart boy. Remembering you, my eyes filled with tears, how much I miss you. I know you are somewhere waiting together with Cid and when it comes also my time again we meet.

These two amazing companions Astro and Crissy (left to right) lived long and wonderful lives with our family. Astro came to us with a bad case of mange, he quickly recovered and was our loyal friend for 13 years. Crissy was found abandoned as a puppy with her mom. She lived nearly 15 years with us before passing away in 2016. These two will always share a special place in our hearts. -Carla Itkin

This is a tribute to Barney, but JoeJoe needs to be acknowledged as well cause even though he was just a babe when Barney arrived he did his best to help Barney out. You can see from the photo Barney was odd shaped, with his poor wee legs..his original guardian was dying of cancer and Barney, I learned later, was left in a cage for hours. When he came to me the first night I went to put him in the cage they had brought, thinking he would be more comfortable in it, but his whole body sagged. I picked him up and promised him he would never be caged again ..he knew what I said and smiled like he is doing in the pic.. he slept with me and Joe Joe from then on. –Carole Pellizzari

Everybody’s dog is their treasure and mine was Rafa.  To me he was a King and held himself in such regal pose.  But even Kings are mortal and on 5 February 2016, death called upon his door at a tender age of 6 years.  I live in hope that Rafa will be the first to greet me when I pass over and leave this world.  Rest in Peace my son x

My Abby came to us as a 10-month old girl. She was our first “baby;” we took her everywhere with us…even though she had a habit of running if there was an open door! Along the years there was a wedding and two new (human) babies added to the family. Abby was sweet and tender with the babies and just lived to be loved. Sometimes in bed I would tell her “Abby, you can’t get any closer to me!” As she aged, she did it gracefully with no complaining, even though I knew her hips had started to hurt and dementia was creeping in.  Abby was my heart for 16 wonderful years. I miss her every day but know she’s playing somewhere with my grandmother in heaven. Thank you Abby for your licks and snuggles. I love you so much.

PRECIOUS was a puppy mill dog and bred for seven years then they threw her in the swamp!  She made her way to a highway where she was rescued.  We were blessed to have her cuteness for eight more years.  Her quiet ways were endearing.  We loved her very much and hope we gave her the life she deserved.  Our pack misses you Precious.

DRAGONFLY–One ear, one good eye, scars, a head dent, my hairless rescue was my companion and protector for twelve years.  He saved my life many times by alerting when my blood sugar fell too low.  I am grateful for the happiness we shared.  I will love him forever.  May this gift honor him and help relieve suffering and bring joy to the beautiful animals at Animal Aid Unlimited.  -Gloria Gordon

In Memory of Rain. They are all unique and touch our hearts in many different ways. No words can describe the unconditional love they carry.  No matter what they go through they still provide us with love that is indescribable to the world. All animals are special and thank you to people like those who work at Animal Aid Unlimited who rescue, love, care, and provide unconditional love themselves. Thank you.

As Aesop once said, “It is not only fine feathers that make a fine bird”, and our Violet was a perfect example. She was also kind, affectionate, silly, accepting of all our other pets, easy to care for, loved her toys, and loved sitting out in the rain. It was a blessing to have had her in our lives and an honor to be in the presence of such a stunning, lovely creature of God. We are so grateful to have spent 21 years with her and have no doubt that she is soaring freely through Heaven. Rest in Peace my fine feathered friend….you are loved, missed, and will be thought of often. Until we meet again, may you fly with the rest of the angels, and sing after every rain storm in the lavender sky.

She was a good puppy who did her job well: protecting us at night from intruders:  mainly stray cows and the random horse roaming about in Campo Arnaiz. Sometimes she did it too well and too insistently. Her name came from neighbors who used to call M. shy and quite like an Indian, and somehow that seemed to fit our new sweet puppy. She was almost two different dogs, Baja India and Redwood City India. Baja India didn’t need a leash, knew not to go up onto the street. Redwood City India definitely needed a leash outside her yard, and never forgot her “job” which was to protect our space from intruders, mostly in the form of squirrels on the back fence at 2-3 a.m. Then the cataracts, the weakening hips, and other indignities of old age…But she still wanted to go on walks. Our 2-mile hike got shorter and shorter until it was just around the block twice a day, and in the last couple of weeks to the corner and back, verrry slowly.  She took the rainbow bridge on a warm sunny day between two winter storms.

This is Penny as we’ll always remember her. She left indelible paw prints in our heart and soul. Run free, sweet little sissy. Your brother and sister from the other side of the pond Jasper, Perlina and Mom P

Misha Darling was my best little lady love, and a true ambassador for goodness, strength, beauty, and love. She made friends with whoever she met and was a shining example of how we all should strive to be. I will always miss her little hands on my face, and her sweet kisses and cuddles. She had such an energy and contagious sense of adventure. She radiated light and love. She truly was so perfect, and she will forever be my daemon and the light of my life. She was just one little life, but she made all the difference. Goodbye, my little love. I hope our spirits can be reunited someday. Easy breezy, my precious one.

Joy was aptly named as she gave so much joy through her love and fun nature!  She was loving, funny, fun, affectionate and so much more.  But her over-riding nature was sweetness.  Thank you Joy for everything!   I miss you so dearly, my sweet girl!  May we meet again!

Wylie, we miss you.  Miss calling your name and seeing you turn your head our way.  Thank you for 10 years of new days, ten years of you.  Flip top ears.  Such joy.

What can be said about a scruffy little dog with few teeth that perhaps was not beautiful by worldly standards, but meant the world to us? Tristan never met a stranger. Everyone was a potential friend, or at the very least, someone who might offer him a treat. He set forth his 13 lbs body as a sentinel, yet greeted anyone who approached him with a wary sniff followed by a friendly lick. He was vivacious, full of life and had an insatiable curiosity for everything around him. He made us laugh often and gave us joy always. Tristan was diagnosed with an enlarged heart not long after we adopted him. The condition progressed steadily in spite of medication and watchful care. For such a loving dog it seems fitting that his heart literally grew too big for his little body. Sadly, the gaping hole left in our hearts is vast. He loved and was loved. We will always cherish the memories and never take for granted the privilege to have spent his golden years with him. May he run and play and never experience pain again.

Our precious little Peanut girl , the best little dog ever. Thanks for 17 and a half years of love and devotion to us.

My beloved Mac was one magnificent emperor! He roamed and ruled far and beyond his territory. His charismatic persona left everyone in awe, disarmed by his grand size, beauty, and majestic yet funny personality. Mac was not only intelligent but also terribly emotional and cuddly. With his expressive eyes, gestures and intonations, he made himself utmost clear! Everyone knew that it was futile to refuse him that which he demanded. After 10 years of loving him, feeding him with his favorite gourmet food and enjoying every moment of having him in my life, he was suddenly gone, leaving me heartbroken. My Mackie Wackie, you will forever remain the pet of my life…

Jovanotti Rossi Pavan was the essence of kindness and pure love. Unfortunately, he was born with feline leukemia and passed away at a year and a half. I named him Jovanotti but he was red so we also called him Rossi. When he got very sick I blessed him with a spiritual name, Pavan, which means “the breath of God”. He and his buddy Yoga Angel used to play together and snuggle together all the time. They were the cutest kitties together.

Right from the first day she came in my life as a snowhite furball all a few weeks old, till she passed away in my arms last year, Fluffy only spread love and joy in our life. Always the energetic soul and the one to take worries and tensions away with her playfulness and sometimes cute arrogance.. I wish she is resting in peace up there and happy that I continue to take care of her friends in whatever way I can. Love you Fluffy: Aai, baba, Kalpa and Vahini friend..

Pepper came to Virginia Beach four years ago as a foster with partially paralyzed back legs. No one ever asked about adopting her, but she quickly became a beloved part of our family.  She constantly played with (and kissed) her Beagle sisters, and loved chasing squirrels while pulling her legs behind her. Pepper was always so happy, and the most gentle soul ever. Fly to the angels, sweet girl. The Jennings Family

Ciao Millo. Grazie a te molti dei miei sogni si sono avverati. Sei stato il mio amico, il mio compagno, la spalla su cui appoggiarmi nei giorni tristi…. Non dimenticherò mai quello che hai fatto per me. Io, Andrea e Lara ti ameremo per sempre. Con te se n’è andata una parte del nostro cuore. Fai buon viaggio sul ponte dell’arcobaleno. Ci mancherai per sempre. Con amore, Nicoletta.

Blessings to my sweet Tashi, who passed away on 6.15.16 at age 14+.  He was my heart and soul for fourteen years, and we shared many many wonderful days on the trail together. Here’s a pic of him relaxing during a hike last year in the Olympic Mountains in Washington state. He will indeed be deeply missed, but the best way I can honor him is to start over and give the same gift to another rescue dog. –Karla Piecuch

Everyday you miss and love your beloved best friend, Oreo.  I can’t imagine what it was like when his health was declining, but he had an abundance of help and love.  With this donation, in his name, I hope to help another animal once again feel the help and love as Oreo once felt.  We wish you happiness on your birthday. Love Oreo and Evan

This is Princeton Royale, my sheltie and the love of my life. Princeton was a great friend and he lived a 11 wonderful years.  It’s crazy how in-tune Prince was with understanding every word I said to him and my every action. He was so incredibly loyal and never had to be called or disciplined.  “I’ll see you again someday Prince…”  Love Mommy

On March 18, 2015, Skye left us and took a piece of all of our hearts with her. She, too, had survived on the streets.  The sweetest and gentlest dog we have ever known.  The Wilkinses


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