How To Help

Thank you for reaching out to help injured and sick animals in India. With your help, we can do so much more vital work to relieve suffering and give joy to animals who otherwise have no one. Whether you want to join in our street animal rescue mission by donating, volunteering, or spreading the word to your friends, animals waiting to be rescued will rejoice.

Throughout India, a shockingly few number of shelters and rescue services for street animals exist. In most cities in India where there is no hospital and no emergency helpline, a dog hit by a car, or a cow suffering from a wound dies a slow and excruciating death while the public looks on.

But life for community street animals doesn’t have to miserable, in fact it can be full of joy. Thanks to supporters like you, life for a street animal in Udaipur has never looked so good. Our helpline receives calls reporting animals in need of medical care throughout the day and our hospital is vibrant with healing and recoveries. The Udaipur community helps prevent the deaths of thousands of animals every year and each rescue inspires compassion in surrounding neighborhoods.

With this much momentum working in animal’s favor, there is so much more we can do to get help to injured animals even faster, provide even more care, and prevent life-threatening injuries from taking place in the first place.

Animals in India need all the help they can possibly get. Start saving lives today!


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