Young guests meet rescued animals

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Welcoming children to Animal Aid is one of our biggest pleasures but they generally come only two or three at a time.
When 50 4th grade students requested a field trip to Animal Aid in February, we knew our hands would be full! We were so surprised and delighted to see the most inquisitive, gentle, polite and loving little kids ever!

Many of the children from Maharana Mewar Public School said that they fed and played with dogs outside their houses; about a quarter of them brought cameras because it was such a special experience they wanted to capture it; and they were all really willing to learn how to pet dogs by following our tips: crouching down first (so that the dog isn’t afraid), slowly extending their hand towards the dog’s nose for the dog to smell, and then gentle stroking the dog’s forehead.

Free the Children is a Canadian-based charity which sends high school students around the world to poor communities to help build schools. Udaipur’s chapter of Free the Children has sent several groups to Animal Aid to tour and learn about what we do to help animals and to give them ideas about what they can do in their home country to help animals. We also like to plant the seed of volunteering in Animal Aid after they finish high school.

The group included a young woman who said with tears “I’m not crying because I’m sad, I’m crying because I’m so inspired to see so many dedicated people.”


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