You won’t believe this dog’s transformation after almost dying from mange

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Alice was suffering from severe mange. Her skin looked as though it was covered in barnacles and it was hard like stone to the touch. Someone had called to inform us about her condition on our helpline and we found her curled up on the seat of a riksha, covered in flies, and she seemed to be almost completely unaware of what was happening around her. When we approached, we offered biscuits which she hungrily accepted. She probably hadn’t eaten in days.

After we brought her back to Animal Aid we gave her IV fluids and began her mange treatment.

After almost 2 months of weekly medicated baths and other medication, she made an astounding recovery, in fact she was almost unrecognizable.

Meet Alice today in the video above and donate to help save precious street animals in India.

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  • karen

    Thank you for caring for these animals. It is heartwarming.

  • Mohoto

    You people are great….I also want to save these lil angels but please tell me about the medication part. Because I don’t want that my help turn a bad experience for them. …please tell

  • sarita gangwani

    Great I also want to help

  • Natalia

    I am here, reaching out to you the way I can, with my heart, spirit, finances and praying. There is so much money in the world, so much abundance!!! I just can’t understand how can anyone suffer still in this present time. And yes I see it every day. And yes, so grateful you doing this amazing work. Bless you!

  • vdasari

    i have no words except for tears rolling down to see there is somebody to care , i no the pain as i have sheltered 30 dogs

  • Sri

    These people are no less than GODs. I cant imagine what they are doing for these animals, no words. How do they do that? I am worried about the health of these people who are treating these animals, I hope they are taking and getting all the care they need for themselves.

    Stay safe and keep safe.

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