Wounded dog lost on busy highway rescued

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Cars whirred by at 80 km an hour. Cowering against the median, we found this gentle sweetheart confused, lost, and suffering from an excruciatingly painful ear wound. The wound had probably doubled in size because maggots had entered and consumed parts of his ear, inner and outer. Rescuer Prakash knew he had to move slowly and so carefully, to ensure that Ernest didn’t run into the traffic trying to escape. We brought him back to Animal Aid’s hospital to start his treatment and with daily flushings and wound dressings, Ernest healed in about 2 months. What a joy it was to treat such a patient, loving angel. Because not only was he given comfort and love, so too were all his caregivers comforted and loved by Ernest.

Desperate street animals in India need help from each one of us. Please donate today.

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  • louisa byrd

    Thank you for rescuing Ernest. Thank God you got him off the highway safe and yourself too. He is beautiful. God bless you always. Love you all.

  • Elizabeth Bennett

    Dear sweet Ernest! Well done Prakash and the team at Animal Aid India. Thank-you again for your dedication, compassion and hard work.The world is a better place because of it.

  • Cathy Smith

    hi, you folks do an amazing job. i would love to see work like this all over the world. i believe one needs to start at the bottom and then heal all others on the way upward — abandoned babies, children, the poor who need medical care, etc.

    a dog healed me from profound schizophrenia when even mantras and ceremonies did nothing much except bring a little peace. i had him for 13 years, then had to give him away because i moved to a place where he would not have been accepted. he got a wonderful second owner, no problems that i know of. that was when i became aware that my mental illness was almost completely gone. !!! love does wonders, even if it is a dog.

    my dog was also part wolf, which some indigenous Americans explained to me was the reason he was so caring, unusually perceptive and intelligent. my Guru doesn’t allow pets, but when desperate to heal oneself, i had to make an exception.

    so my monthly donations are in his honor, the dog’s name is Blessing. and he was.

    thank you so much for your work, cathy smith

  • Dani Duran

    You are amazing people! There is a special place in heaven for you and your volunteers!

  • Henrietta Komras

    You guys rock; when the world is filled with so much man-made (and I mean MAN made suffering and so much brutality, you are a shining light.

  • Eileen Joy

    I love this rescue so much. Whenever I donate, I give the $$ to Animal Aid Unlimited.

  • Jo

    How can i share this clip on my Facebook account?
    It moved me to tears.
    I was recently visited your amazing centre in Udaipur.
    I made a donation and I want to help here from Australia.
    I wamt to share yr stories to raise funds and I wish for someone to email that clip show I can share and all my friends can share too.

    you are all amazing people

  • Barbara Foster

    This is one of the nicest rescue stories ever! I am a monthly contributor to Animal Aid Unlimited.These wonderful people do so much with so little. Please help them.

  • frances

    Good work everyone rescuing! The rescue on the highway was harrowing and risky but done so well because it was a gentle and calm dog.

  • Glen Burks

    I love the work Animal Aid does to help all animals! I’ve donated recently, but will be donate again soon. Thank You for helping this unfortunate animals…………

  • Hohl

    Thank you so much,

  • Shirley Nicholas

    Love you all for the care, compassion and love you give to animals.

  • YO


  • Becky Timmins

    It never ceases to amaze me of all the wonderful work you do.The rescue stories are so uplifting and positive and I know that my donations are helping in a small way.God bless and long may you continue

  • Priya

    Thank you so so much for doing this in India
    Thank you for bringing them out of the hell

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