Wild dog suffocating on plastic jar rescued

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The plastic jar on this angel’s head is collapsing and expanding with every desperately labored breath as this dog comes horrifyingly close to suffocating. We got there in the nick of time but this video footage made us tremble. He would have died within the week from thirst had a wonderful woman who saw him not called us to the rescue. (You can see in the video the street dogs she takes care of following along to assist in the search!)

Thank you for sponsoring life-saving rescues in India.

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  • Vicky

    Thank you for saving these street dogs & giving them life. It seems that you do miracles with the medicines. I will donate again!!!

  • Anita

    Thank you Animal Aid India, for your unlimited compassion and care of Kalu, what courage he displayed. An incredible miraculous and inspiring story of devotion and kindness.

    Love and light and

    bright blessings Anita xxx

  • Julie Lazenby

    You all do such a wonderful job taking care of these animals keep up the good work

  • Kulvinder singh

    THANK YOU !!!
    THANK YOU !!!
    For doing such a wonderful work
    SALUTE TO #Animalaidunlimited

  • lyn west

    You are courageous and selfless people. Giving of yourself in very
    Tragic situations I think you are great people that I deeply admirer.i am going to start giving to you and know the world is a better place because you are o n this earth. Love

  • muriel escop

    bravo j’adore cette association

  • Becky Campbell

    It was so wonderful to see Missy smiling and playing! no more pain and she can go to the bathroom normally now and have an appetite! Your team is so loving, we need more of that in the world. That one dog with its stomach cut open looks like it was done to her on purpose? she thumped her tail because she was in such pain and scared. Can you give an update video of her walking and playing and an update of the dog who was moaning in the sewer tank? Did she get antibiotics and dewormed? I am sure she had tons of bacteria in her stomach Thank you so much for your work. I will be donating for sure on my pay check coming up. I love you guys!!!!

  • griss

    Es de admirar a este grupo de personas x que ayudan a los indefensos animalitos hay que recordar que el nos dio la vida a ellos igual (Dios) y ellos buscan una vida digna para esos angeles peludos… gracias Dios los bendiga

  • Emmelin Wu

    I just want to say thank you!!!!!!!!

  • Carla

    How could I adopt any of these animals

  • Suganya Sellvaraj

    You are all the Angels sent by God 🙂 God bless you !!!

  • ABIR

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING SUCH A NOBLE THING. Will be great if you could also spread out to other cities in India. I will be happy to help you in whatever way I can. Ofcourse to start with I will donate first.

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