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A “Beast of Burden”, this poor donkey was worked so hard, given so little rest, and so ill-treated that two of his frail legs are at risk of permanent disability.

Now he’s safe at Animal Aid where he will be treated like the angel that he is, but he has a long ways to go before he can forget the pain in his legs, and his fear of humans.

His front and back legs were tied together (hobbled) to stop him from running away. The continuous friction against his legs created an injury so deep that the tendons have been permanently damaged as well.

You can see his front left leg and hind right leg are badly injured and his front right leg has been tied with rope.

In Udaipur, the Aud community owns donkeys and uses them to carry stones, bricks, dirt, sand, etc, to or from construction sites. Donkeys can carry more than humans, and their labor is cheap, so many contractors prefer employ the Aud people and their donkeys.

The Aud’s are paid by the number of bricks, or the amount of sand transported from here to there, not by the number of working hours. So donkeys are forced to carry loads far exceeding what they can comfortably carry, and are worked often without rest, in all weather conditions, from morning till night.

Though there are some wonderful exceptions, many of the Aud people don’t seem to understand “prevention over cure.” Even when they SEE that the rope is cutting into the flesh,  they do not stop and help his situation, by for instance, giving him rest and basic first aid. Instead, they continue working the donkey as if nothing is wrong, until all of a sudden, when he is simply too beaten down to take another step, he collapses or us unable to stand.

Because of our on-going education programme within the Aud community many donkey owners have begun calling Animal Aid when their donkey is injured or ill, and we give treatment at a very reduced rate. But sadly, in the case of this donkey, it wasn’t his owners that called for him, but someone driving by who happened to see the state he was in.

Join us in welcoming this donkey home, to a donkey-haven where he is no longer forced to work, no longer tied and bound, and ALWAYS loved.

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