We thought she was dead…watch her amazing recovery

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She was losing consciousness when our rescuers arrived and seemed to have recently been hit on the head, though no one had seen how or with what. Fresh blood streamed down her face. As soon as we got her back to Animal Aid we treated her and bandaged her deep wound. She slept almost constantly for the next 2 weeks, rousing to eat and drink a little on her own but showing only brief signs of interest in her surroundings. We were afraid she had suffered permanent brain damage from the trauma. But one day in her third week of treatment something changed! Her long tail started performing loop-de-loops. She stood, she kissed us all, and threw herself into the arms of those who had, for days, been kneeling beside her trying, it seemed in vain, to coax her back to the living. We had to name her Happy in the end–you’ll soon see why.

Please donate to help save precious lives.

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  • Athena Kalogeropoulou

    Μπράβο..είστε αξιέπαινοι για ολα όσα κάνετε ..χίλια μπράβο ..

  • Ariana Stefan

    You are all so amazing.
    Thank you so much for all you do.

  • margaret geddes

    Thank you everyone who saved this beautiful soul. She truly lives up to her name “HAPPY”. You are wonderful people and God bless you.

  • K Gustyn

    What wonderful people you are. God bless you all. my heart just breaks when I see this. I love animals so much. It takes special people to do this. God bless.

  • Suzy & Hazar Tekin

    My husband and I visited you at the end of April 2016 – we were amazed at the professionalism, kindness and care you all take with your animals. I saw an operation on a dog with maggot infestation in its’ tail – that dog trusted you so much it was amazing to watch. I wonder how she is doing? You’re all truly wonderful dedicated people and I would sincerely recommend anyone who is visiting Udaipur, to visit you and be inspired and humbled. You’re all marvellous.

  • Marilena Cappellari

    Dio Vi Benedica E Doni A Voi Tutti Ed Alle Vostre Meravigliose Creature Animali Una Lunga E Felice Esistenza!
    Gradirei Fare Una Seppur Piccola (Purtroppo) Donazione. Potrei (E Come) Tramite PAYPAL?
    Grazie Infinite.
    Distinti Saluti.

    God bless you and grant you & your wonderful animal creatures a long and happy life!
    I’d like to make an albeit small (unfortunately) donation. May i and how through Paypal?
    Best Regards.

  • Mylan To

    What a beautiful happy dog she is now. God bless all of you for saving her. You are all god’s gift.

  • Zehra R Post

    All I can say is that I can hardly type for tears filling my eyes. I grew up in India and always had dogs we all cared for. There were dogs on the streets, sickly and miserable looking and nobody cared. My heart ached for them but I was not allowed to approach them or do something to help them because of the fear that they could be rabid or vicious or otherwise diseased.

    You all are angels of mercy. What you are doing for these poor, hurting, abandoned creatures is unbelievably selfless and noble. Thank you , thank you. I shall be making a small donation today and hope to be able to do so now and then again. I am going to sign up for your newsletter and will try to spread the word among expatriate Indians who care.

  • michael

    u all r so spacial for what u do i have so much respect for people like u guys,and never giveup on the animals u save,i wish one day to do what u all do.its so touching and it makes me cry just to see the videos u post..but happy at the end to see the transformations.

  • Biswajit Kumar Kar

    Do you have any branch in bangalore.? If we found this kind of animal whom I have to contact in bangalore? Please let me know.

  • Sarah Finlayson

    I am very proud of all those people who helped the unwanted dogs or cats. I pray and hope the Indian people
    will start to adopt them in order to give them loving and caring home.They really deserve it. They will bring
    happiness to your home. After all, these are God’s animals and deserve to be treat nice.
    God bless those people and staffs who do so much work and care for the dogs.

  • Val

    An amazing story, she was so lucky that you lovely people came along and brought her back from almost dead, but ……. what was her fate? was she just put back on the street to start all over again?

  • Pravin A Solanki

    As I am also associated with this work. I feed about 20-25 stray dogs regularly two times. As I am very very happy to see such kind,noble & true angels.While feeding them I also face a lot of protest of people but I continuou to do.While the time being my dogs illness or injury I take the help of animal help line organzation but there is not immediate service in my big city Ahmedabad.As I wish it will be started in city also.Again Great work by all of you.

  • Ursula

    RESPECT:I like all your video’s and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do to save all these beautiful souls.

  • Kayla

    I just donated and will donate monthly . You all are angels. ThankYOU for caring about these beautiful creatures !! God bless you all

  • Medha

    Thank u soo much for helping them,thank you soooo much for all you do.

  • Sanjiv Agrawal

    Respected Sir/Madam….I, Sanjiv Agrawal, stay in kolkata. Just wanted to know if you have any branch in Kolkata, wanted to be a part of such a mission. Wanted to join as volunteer and help animals like you do. Please let me know or msg me at 9674282910.

  • Ann hammond

    I would like to volunteer

  • Cathy Smith

    hi, does your organization offer adoptions? soidog.com in thailand offers local AND international adoptions. i do not know how they do it. but if you are interested you might want to contact them. i know that you usually have to release the animal back onto the streets, but maybe there is another way. eventually i think the ideal (maybe not practical right now) is to re-home every animal with an adoptive family and spay them when affordable. how is your spaying?

  • John

    Every time I visit your website & witness the wonderful work you all do my admiration for you all leaps to the skies. I am not religious but if there were to be such things as angels they would look like you all. May your light shine as a beacon of goodness forever. John.

  • caban danusia

    The dogs you save ,are there on adoption?(sorry for my english)

  • Vishwanath

    good job guys…

  • Stephanie

    i absolutely love you guys! my passion is rescuing animals and i have a very soft spot for dogs……thank you for all you do! <3

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