Watch Tony’s full recovery after horrific injury!

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Our darling boy Tony was rescued with one of the most severe injuries we have ever seen (click here to watch his first video), and today he is one of the happiest boy’s alive. Laban and Pinky are his best friends but he has donkey, cow and pig friends too! He runs, he chases, he flips and flops, he kisses and cuddles. We thank our donors deeply for making his life-saving transformation possible.

When we rescued Tony his leg and face were severed by what looked like a very sharp object, but we have no idea how he sustained the injury. We amputated what was left of his front leg and had to operate several times on his face. His amputation healed within just a few weeks but the gash on his face was infected and due to his activities like playing (we couldn’t stop him from playing!) the sutures were strained. But he has now been almost two months infection and pain free, has gained weight, and his black oil covered fur is now a beautiful brown and white.

If you come to visit Animal Aid, please ask to see Tony. Yes, he is a celebrity, but he has time for YOU!

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  • Ana

    Wow…You all are Great 🙂

  • Jingle

    You guys are so great! Thank you so much for saving Tony’s life. I am deeply touched. I am going to donate some money to your organization. 🙂 May God bless your organization so that thousand of animals will be blessed from your love and care. Keep up the great job! Support!

  • Fanny

    So great ! What an amazing job you’ve made the transformation is incredible

  • Alison

    He’s beautiful wish there where more places like this you are angels god bless you

  • guido

    the man have respest to the animals we are sons of the god

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