Watch Toffee’s incredible recovery!

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When we rescued Toffee, he looked more dead than alive. The side of his head was injured and had become infested with maggots that would have killed him within just a few days. Despite being almost collapsed on his first day, he had love to give and the spirit to recover. Watch the 3 week transformation in 2 minutes.

Please consider making a donation to support Animal Aid’s vital and life-saving rescues.

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  • Hussain bohra

    Thanks for sharing.
    Good work and hope each every people understand that animal should have fellings and they just want a little love to us.

  • Hardik

    I’m totally speechless because I’m really aspired by your work. The way you treat the animal which has been tortured, tormented, shackled by our society. You guys are saviours to these animals. I wish that everyone in this country becomes a little sensitive towards them and does there bit of duty. I wish I get an opportunity to do the same some day.

    Thank you guys for the awareness…

  • Saumya Dwivedi

    Bang on!!
    I’m from Udaipur only n really want to do somethin for them. .pls ask me for any help…n if possible pls I want to b d part of ur daily routine jobs…pls..thanks

  • Ivan A

    Wow! No words… what can I say?
    Amazing! Incredible!
    It’s more than just a good work what you do guys, you save lifes and do real miracles 🙂
    Congrats and thanks for sharing with us!

  • sam mccoll

    Oh how moving is this!
    Thank you so much for sharing this and for continuing to work with these animals. Are there any other organizations like yourselves in other parts of India?

  • Katrina

    What a beautiful, sweet boy despite the pain he must have been in. And an amazing transformation that is so wonderful to see, thank you Animal Aid.

  • shivani varshney

    After seen this my eyes gt wet n num… Good job guys
    if a gt a chance I ll contribute….

  • Mari

    I’ll be part of your crew, stateside – whenever I sell a piece of artwork – I’ll put a little aside for you. <3 God Bless! Mari

  • Jody

    That was moving. You don’t know how much gratitude I have for you doing the kind generous compassion for the animals out in India. I wish I could join you but live very far away. The least I can do (and already did 5 min ago) was make a donation to PayPal. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Jeanie Master

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! If I am ever will you be…

  • Emil

    Thank you guys individually for your help. I will donate in near future.

  • Jessy Paul

    Very moving. Amazing work by you guys.Much needed in India. My donation is on its way. God bless you

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