Watch the beautiful recovery of an elderly dog whose ear was torn to shreds

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We received a call on our helpline from a kind woman in Udaipur who had seen a terribly injured street dog walk past her house. She said he was shaking his head continuously and looked like he could collapse any minute.

Our ambulance rushed to the area and started to search for him and neighbors all pointed in different directions where they said they had seen him last. We combed the neighborhood for about a half hour but couldn’t find him. Then out of nowhere a man drove up on his motorbike and asked one of our rescuers, Nandu, to hop on because he had seen the dog on the main road a few minutes far.

And there he was, sitting on the side of the road with his ear hanging in pieces and a swarm of flies buzzing around the wound.

Nandu started feeding him biscuits to gain his trust and it was immediately apparent that he was very sweet and friendly. The rescuers then wrapped a blanket around him and brought him to the ambulance.

Back at Animal Aid we quickly gave him sedation and began treatment. We shaved away the dirty and matted fur around his ear and that’s when we could clearly see that his entire ear was necrotic and had to be completely removed.

Once all of the dead tissue was cut away and the wound was debrided we bandaged him up and let him recover.

In 5 weeks of treatment his wound has fully healed and he is a happy, loving boy with a new lease on life!

Thank you for supporting our rescues and making recoveries like Bhaloo’s possible.

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  • Connie / James Scarrow

    Of course you can’t keep them all, but what happens to a dog, cat, pet whatever, after your aid is given and they are doing well.

    There is always going to be a need. In a place like yours their is no end to brutality towards animals. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

    We will keep donating. The little we do doesn’t make a dent in your needs. You, keep doing what you do best. Your info campaign is very good. We get it a lot. Thanks on behalf of all the pets you service and the many more waiting patiently for your workers to find them.

  • Carol

    I love you guys, and have been following you for over a year now…. your rescues touch me a lot, I even had a look on how to be a volunteer and come to help one day… I wish you all a Very Happy New Year, and have just made a small donation. Thanks again for your love, help and dedication.

  • Tone Grochala

    Thank you so much for the help you give to these poor creatures so in need of love and compassion! You are all angels on earth! I am so thankful there are people like you in the world!!

  • peter

    nyce wrk guyz

  • Mohamed

    Thank you erica,for your kind answering your question,I by chance stumbled across your website.i am not trying to make this a contest for kind words,but I wish you and your guardian angels,are at the front of heavens gates.When I saw,bhaloo,by the way that’s the name of my cat,toffee,and all of the other beauties,I am not ashamed to say it broke my heart,keep up the good work,Oh” by the way you have not heard the last of my donations.

  • Carlos

    WOOW !!! You are incredible!!! I’m usually very skeptical to make donations for fear ending up in the wrong hands but will surely make a donation to this beautiful project. Keep going and spread it to all the world.

  • Susan McMillin

    How is the old dog with no ear doing. Do you put these dogs back on the streets or do you find good homes for them?

  • james latimer

    i have tried to donate by using my credit car but not sure if it went through as i am a very big animal lover and i think the work you do is so fabulous and amazing i would love to help out in some way once again your work is amazing wish there was more people like you around the world would be a great place to be keep up the good work and will try to donate and help out all the best james latimer xx

  • shobha

    wat u r doing is beyond words…i wish one day i cud do something like u guys do.


    you guys are awesome!!

  • Milan

    I am really impressed with your dedication and love for the stray animals. I can do my small bit by contributing, but thats a very small action compared to what you are doing everyday. Hats off to your courage and dedication.
    We are a family of animal lovers and feel very humbled to see you… Great

    Is this only is Rajasthan ? I’m from Calcutta and there are many stray dogs there.

  • cat wallace

    I think you guy’s do an amazzing job. God Bless you all.

  • jyotishman

    great work guys.. Keep it up and keep going

  • Kitty

    I have bawled like a baby watching your rescues…I just love happy endings for these precious creatures. I did not know there were people like you left in the world, and I thank God for you and I thank you for sharing your stories. My husband and I don’t have a lot, but we will share with you the best we can so you can continue your life-saving, suffering-ending work of love and compassion.

  • Tracy Cannell

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you all do to help animals! Keep up the amazing work!

  • Susan Maxfield

    After you heal the animals, do you spay and neuter them I hope? And do you put them back on the streets or let them live there in the shelter until they find loving homes? I fear putting them back on the streets makes them vulnerable to further injuries or abuse and they are then stuck trying to fend for themselves again. I know you can’t afford to take care of all of them indefinitely, but they should not be put back out in the wild with nobody to care for or feed and water them. I have made monthly donation but wish there was more that I could do to help. I live in the U.S.A. so it’s not like I can just go visit and adopt. I have two dogs already of my own, which makes me way more compassionate towards animals and I love dogs more than humans because they are so sweet, gentle, and kind loyal creatures. Please answer my questions or point me to an article that explains more about what you do after the animals have healed.

  • Tim Ball

    Words cannot truly express my feelings for what you do. But my view of the world has just gotten an unbelievably large boost of hope and happiness. I could not move through the entire video of Kalu’s miraculous recovery. Thank you so much for giving him this chance. I will be donating. And I hope the funds do make it to help you all have a career and to also go towards the medicines and materials you need to help and heal more animals.

    I send you all my respect, support and a large piece of my heart.

    Please email me with any other needs you have.

    Thank you,

    Tim Ball
    Illinois, USA

  • anji

    may be u peoples are angles in this world, really i dont know how peoples are behave such cruelty with loveble dogs, i think they has cruel mind to do such things but peoples like u gods gift on this easrth. god will alkways helps you in your life.

    no body in this world born for useless, ther is defenetly reson behind that born.

    please dont punish street dogs, if possible give some food otherwise leave, but help them in critical conditions to servive.

    god bless u guys

  • Isabel

    I think you do wonderful work and have donated a little. Will send more when I can. Even if you cannot save them all, you can do what you can. That is all anybody can do.

  • Aman kapoor

    i have no words …….for u..really………..but iam from himachal pradesh …… your branch is also here available or not…..if yes then tell me where nd if not than plzz open here also…….

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