Watch Grace’s incredible recovery after being abused

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She is truly the epitome of Grace. The odds were stacked against her not only because of the severity of her wounds but because of the toll they took on her soul. It’s because of your loving support that she is alive and happy, and forever home in Animal Aid surrounded by love. This video chronicles the journey of her trauma to trust. Please note that there are a few painful scenes of the wire being cut during her first treatment but watch til the end to get the full impact of relief and joy. Words cannot say thank you enough but this video captures Grace saying it herself.

Please donate to sponsor Grace and support our street animal rescues in India.

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  • Katrina

    That was totally heartbreaking, but what an amazing transformation and she’s such a happy girl now. Thank you Animal Aid.

  • Renata

    Thank you for loving and caring for them

  • preeti singh

    I am out of words to explain how pained I was to look at the agony the poor dog underwent. Brutality against animals is deeply ingrained in many people in our country. You people are God for such helpless animals. Hats off to you for your incredible work. So happy to see the transformations of these babies. My sincere gratitude to you all for doing such an exceptionally noble task. Truly you are the epitome of love, dedication and selfless attitude. Many congratulations.

  • Mel

    Thank You for all the animals you help.I sent a donation a few weeks ago Please accept my heart felt Thank You from Maine,USA

  • Mitzi

    The power of love!

  • terri

    These stories just break my heart. I hope the little bit of money I can send is helpful in some way.

  • Lalitha Ramamurthi

    You are doing a wonderful job.
    Is there anything like this in Chennai?

  • sai manjula

    we want one in chennai too

  • Teresa Mason


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