Waiting for a miracle : 10 amazing rescues

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The eyes of the animals caught on film at the moment their rescuers arrive say it all–“somebody please help me.” And when street animals are desperately trapped, “moving heaven and earth” is exactly what we have to do to help them. Thank you for giving so generously to make sure that no matter how tough the rescue, the next angel and the next will not be left alone to die.

Please donate for the animals who are waiting for a miracle.

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  • Caroline

    Animal Aid……you are amazing!!!xxxx

  • Betina

    I do not have much money,but I love you people and your work so much that I donate a little money from time to time. You are wonderful. Betina

  • Yolanda Smits

    Mijn hart is overvol met liefde als ik zie hoeveel dieren jullie met volle overgave en liefdevolle inzet van het ganse team redden. Ik dank God dat er mensen zijn zoals jullie.

  • Elizabeth Bennett

    Wow! Thank-you to all the wonderful people who pitched in to help in these rescues.
    You are all heroes.

  • Jens Zander

    As long as people as you do exist, even I will not lose faith in humanity and this world. Thank you so much for caring! I just donated 100$

  • Manojraj

    Repected:sir/madam i am wishing to join as volunteer in our animal aid unlimited because i am a animal lover main i like dogs please give me a golden opportunity my contact is 8097661774

  • Adnan Siddiqui

    True Heroes are you guys. You have a Great heart.God will help you in every step

  • sharon pepper

    God Bless you all! Thank you for caring and helping these poor animals, I am not rich, but being able to donate when I can makes me feel rich.

  • Martina Multani

    What future have dogs after they get their health back again?

  • Rahul

    Superb work.
    Real heroes.

  • Karan

    U are doing a very good job keep it up…

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