Volunteers & Team

Cat with wings flies to California!

Brenda fell in love with Billy, a paralyzed kitten we rescued from Udaipur. She spent weeks nursing him back to health and mobility, and when it was time for Brenda to go back home, she wasn't [...]

Dashing new t-shirts all the way from London!

Animal Aid supporter Mike Radcliffe began the creative project several months ago when he asked his friends at the prestigious graphic design group Always With Honor if they would donate their [...]

Rameet finds his new mother at Animal Aid

“Nayi Ma” which means New Mother in Hindi, is what Ariane is now lovingly called by the care-givers in Animal Aid’s cow and donkey paddock. For the last 10 days she has been nursing a little boy [...]

A peacock brought Steve to Animal Aid

Steve Gecko, 51, an extraordinary volunteer, has an amazing story to tell about a grave illness and a most miraculous recovery.

Love Animals? Always wanted to come to India? This could be you!

Seven animal lovers from around the world are combining the trip of a life time with their passion for animals at Animal Aid. They are saving lives as they assist in wound dressings, hold animals [...]

Young girls with big hearts

15 high school girls from Colorado were emotionally touched at the close encounters they had with the beautiful patients and sanctuary residents of Animal Aid in early June.

New video: Volunteers welcome YOU!

When you're working for animals, sometimes you have to see a sad, dark-side of humanity. But more profound than that, you get the incredible opportunity to meet the most tender-hearted people in [...]

Two special babies find loving homes

Chandni, a young woman in her 20's, adopted the little brain-damaged beauty (though slightly unsure of his direction at times he is active and super affectionate) and Inder Kumar and his wife [...]

What One Person Can Do For Animals…

Ever had a fantasy of living on the beach, wandering from stray dog to stray dog, feeling one by one that you’ve been befriended by them? Wouldn’t be a bad life, eh? Ever dreamed of being loved [...]

Animals Love Rachael and Neil

Rachael and Neil from the U.K. are in the second week of their month volunteering at Animal Aid. Working from 9 to 5, they spend invaluable time with dozens of animals each day, from wounded [...]

800 km didn’t stop Trudy D’Souza

800 km didn’t stop Trudy D’Souza (25) from pursuing her dream of helping animals. She’s come all the way from Nagpur, Maharasthra, to join Animal Aid’s team as our Public Relations Officer. Read [...]


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