Volunteer vet students from WA State University (USA)

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Kirsten, Ariel, Lindsay and Erica.

Introducing veterinarians to the complex lives led by street animals of India is an important component of Animal Aid’s compassion education program. Vets are often more accustomed to treating owned animals who may lead lives of luxury in comparison to street dogs and abandoned cows and donkeys, treated in facilities that don’t have x-ray machines, ultrasounds, gas anesthesia or other luxuries. We got a wonderful chance to exchange perspectives when four vet students from Washington State University volunteered for three weeks in June.

Erica and Lindsay treating a puppy with mange

Erica Dolven-Kolle, Lindsay Benson, Kristen Danielson and Ariel Grubb regularly exchanged opinions with Animal Aid’s Dr Smriti and our nursing staff, and we sincerely thank them for their many hours of practical help, and wish them all the best in their careers as emerging veterinary doctors.


Cindy, now completely healed, getting her wound dressed by the students


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  • sam

    To all the members and volunteers and of course the founding family for doing good work.I would also like to work as volunteer.Please do guide.


  • Audrey Sheck

    I have watched many videos and am amazed to see dogs with flesh-eating maggots and missing pieces of flesh are nursed back to health. The lengths that the vets and staff go through to travel and find injured, and patiently nursing the animal back to health is no short of Amazing!

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