Video: Handicapped Dancer does the Hokey Pokey!

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Romp with a handicapped angel from Animal Aid and learn a few dance steps while you’re at it!
Animal Aid  rescued “Dancer” in 2011 after she’d been hit by a car and had lost the use of her hind legs. Depressed and destitute for the first painful weeks, our staff and many amazing volunteers have given special care to ensure that all of Dancer’s “moveable parts” are given maximum use every day.
But careful monitoring of her playtime is a must, because she is vulnerable to pressure sores. Most hours of the day must be spent on a sandy flooring to reduce dragging wounds. Playtime is supervised and time spent in Handicapped Heaven means dogs need extra human stimulation to keep their minds alert and active.
Dogs like Dancer wriggle with joy only when they’re well cared for. Because she has been treated as the precious being she is, Dancer is now able to be a therapy dog for dogs! But she would never be such an “upper” if it weren’t for the continued help of so many caring people.
Success stories like Dancer’s cannot happen without loving help from people like you.
And we know you’ll agree… Girls like these are why life is beautiful.
Donate $25— that’s all it takes to save the life of a rescued street animal.
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    Thank you for everything you do!!!!


    thank you for sending this i will be in india soon to you all

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