Video: Animal Aid moves 300 animals to new site

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Animal Aid’s five year lease was coming to an end so in December 2012 we found a beautiful 3.5 acre piece of land just down the road which we have taken on a 20 year lease. We’ve been busy in the last five months building kennels and paddocks for the 300+ shelter and hospital animals in our care.

It’s time to welcome our 70 precious shelter dogs, many of whom have been with us for several years, to their new home! After being carried one by one through the gates of their new home they have all been doing an amazing, and fast, job of adjusting. The stress of the move is reduced by the fact that they are surrounded by all of their old friends. Home is where the heart is and love makes a family! Everyone is busily exploring and finding their favorite place, many even making friends with old rivals in the hubbub. Our darling blind dogs are certainly among the bravest of souls right now as they learn the new landscapes, but they are taking it slowly and getting more confident by the hour. We are delighted to watch them play and race in their new digs!

The gypsy caravan you’re about to see in the next short video is the Animal Aid team moving about 75 cows and donkeys to THE ALL NEW ANIMAL AID UNLIMITED hospital and shelter constructed on land we have leased for 20 years!

Without the loving encouragement from Animal Aid’s supporters, and without the astounding hands-on help we had between beloved staff and volunteers who sweated it out together in over 100 degree heat, the move surely would not have been possible.

During April, despite the searing heat, the animals were soothed with the coolest currents—thanks to tremendous help from Nic (UK), Liz (USA), Dr Sarah (Australia), Ariane (Netherlands), Kathleen (USA), Sharon (Bermuda), Dahlia (Switzerland), Karin (Netherlands), Neha (India), Naisargi (USA).

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  • Chris Staniland

    With your dogs that have been paralysed at the back end could you use a trolley with wheels especially made for that purpose? If so I would like to buy one for you.

  • Leo DSouza

    Animal Meet !!………….by Leo DSouza.
    August 4, 2013 at 2:24am
    One day Cows, Sheep,Goats and Pigs, planned a meet,
    To Register their protest, together stamped their feet!
    Objections they had,’of having to die’,
    For Mans appetite, which till now,they had to satisfy.

    On one side said the Cow, they call me a GOD,
    In the blink of an eye, to kill me, they give a nod !
    My milk they use for tea and Coffee
    Or even to bring up, their own Baby.

    Why ! , they even take my wool for sweaters, said the Sheep
    And now plan to put me , permanently to sleep !!
    To deserve Death, have I done them any harm ?
    Why can’t I be allowed ‘freedom’ on a farm ?

    Don’t you know, down the years, man’s become a glutton ?
    Killing me , even a goat, just to eat me , as Mutton !!
    My milk too they take, depriving my poor kid,
    My Tears well up, I can’t understand, what harm to them I did ?

    Hi everyone!, Don’t forget, Here I am,
    A Pig….. Me they kill, for Breakfast to make Ham
    Why can’t they leave us to live like pigs ?,
    And turn their appetite now to eating figs ?

    Will he explain, which Religion advocates killing of an animal ?
    So that his own hungry desire, to fulfill ?
    It’s not Hinduism, Islam or even Christianity
    And that’s the truth and a certainty.

    So why and when did this Slaughter begin ?
    When GOD made, for all of us,this Earth,to live in!
    HE gave us to enjoy, the ‘Fruits’ of his toil,
    Who then gave man, the right, this ‘Offer’ to spoil ?

    A Unanimous decision, these animals did take,
    When ‘Slaughtered’, a loud voice, they’ll make.
    And die with their eyes open wide
    So one day, man can hang his head in shame, and face hide !!

    This is composed by me for the ANIMALS and the Myers !!
    (Having my daughter Trudy having worked here once, I got the opportunity to visit the place. It truly is a commendable job done. Hope to go there sometime again)

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