Udaipur’s First Arrest in Animal Cruelty Case

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Just days after the protest for Bheem (a brutally beaten street-dog, at Brahm Pole) Animal Aid received a call from the distraught Inder Kumar who had just witnessed one of his street-dogs being hit by stones so hard that one of his legs was fractured. As the dog howled in pain Inder Kumar saw to his horror that the dog’s hind leg had twisted backwards in the wrong direction.

Inder Kumar then did something very brave: He decided to file the animal cruelty case with the police.

Inder Kumar constrains the injured dog to bring into ambulance.

Animal Aid quickly reached the site, brought the dog into the ambulance and headed with Inder Kumar to the Goverdhan Vilas police station to show police the dog and help Inder file the complaint as he had never filed any complaint before, let alone one regarding a street animal.

Station House Officer (S.H.O.) Nanda Ram Bhadu of the Goverdhan Vilas Police Station was immediately interested in pursuing the accused.  Animal Aid commends Mr. Nanda Ram as well as officer Mahipal Singh for the seriousness and haste with which they acted. At 4:30 this afternoon the man accused of intentionally injuring the dog was arrested.

Animals and animal-lovers of Udaipur rejoice at the sound of police protection and safety from abusers.

We hope for hundreds of men and women like Inder Kumar in the future to stand up for the lives of animals and seek their justice.

The injured dog is now at the Animal Aid hospital where he is being treated, his leg has been put in a cast and he is resting. We expect his leg to heal within several weeks.

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  • rahul jain

    What a bravery work is done by mr. inder kumar realy hats off to him. It shows us that we are so responsible of all such issues. If we are witnessing all this. And we can’t run from our duties.

  • Kalpit Rajak

    good work guys…. so now it has started…
    a similar request to all, have some heart for the innocent creatures…. 🙂

  • Muralidharan

    Congrats for fulfilling a long standing wish of animal lovers. love fo animals is not just caring, but fighting for their rights to be treated equally as humans and put the fear of God on those beasts who treat them cruelly

  • Julie

    Yahooooooooo! I am so happy and proud of all wonderful work that Animal Aid does! The time of change is now!!

  • Tom & Jill

    Fantastic work! The message is getting out! We are glad that somebody is brave enough to stand up to animal cruelty and what is right in this World.
    Great to hear some positive news, just this morning we came across a street dog in Kenya in a really bad state. We called the vet who came to put him to rest. Everyone else just walked past and stared. Nobody acted! There needs to be an Animal Aid in Diani Beach!
    We miss all of you guys and all the animals. All the best to you & keep up the great work. Best wishes, Tom & Jill

  • Diane Cartwright

    Thank you Inder Kumar for taking care of your fellow creature and going to the police. I’m also grateful the police responded on behalf of the dog.

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