Two special babies find loving homes

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Chandni adopts this brain-damaged but active and adorable pup!

When a rescued street animal recovers from an injury or illness at Animal Aid and is fit and healthy enough to fend for him or herself again, she is taken back to the exact location from where she was rescued (her home turf) and is freed.

But some of the animals we rescue, though healed, aren’t fit for going back to the street because of a permanent disability or health condition. For these animals, Animal Aid becomes their home and they live in our on-site sanctuary.

Animal Aid’s sanctuary animals live a great life, but when a local Udaipur-ite comes forward to adopt one of these precious animals into their homes we are over-joyed. Every adoption enables us to give more to the animals who have no one.

Mrs. Inder Kumar welcomes this blind young beauty into her home

Yesterday was a special day for two young pups, both with permanent health problems. One was rescued after being hit on the head and slightly brain-damaged (after recovery he was all the cuter, but needs extra love and guidance) and the other was rescued for a mild case of canine hepatitis which after recovery left the puppy with a blue sheen over both eyes and partial loss of sight.

Chandni, a young woman in her 20’s, adopted the little brain-damaged beauty (though slightly unsure of his direction at times he is active and super affectionate) and Inder Kumar and his wife adopted the blind boy (they already have a gorgeous three-legged street dog in their care!).

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  • Agam

    I wish there was a way to thank these lovely souls for having the courage to do the right thing. Its not easy to take care of special kids. Thank You Chandni and Thank you Inder for adopting these little angels…

  • Muralidharan

    My humble salutte to the two special parents to these special babies. God lives in these souls

  • Christine

    I am always touched by the people and events surrounding Animal Aid. After visiting your place in Idaipur in February everything youand your patrons do is of special interest to me. Hail Mrs. Inder Kumar and Chandni – I salute you.

  • F Lee

    It does the heart good to know that there are truly loving unselfish people who understand that the true essence of a dog is on the inside & are willing to tap into that!

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