Transformation of dog dying from mange

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The skin condition mange had made this street dog almost unrecognizable. He was emaciated and his body was covered with thick and painful scabs. He was so worn down from constantly scratching and trying to run away from his agitation that he very likely would not have survived another month on the street without medical help.

We captured on film (see in the video above) the very first moment when care-giver Amrita pet him, probably the first time he felt a loving touch in a very long time. He was timid and questioning, but very soon he relaxed and the medical treatment relieved a great deal of his pain within just a few days. Medical baths soothed his skin and cleared up all the scabs. He began eating with a hearty appetite and within a few weeks soft fur began to cover his body.

After 6 weeks of medical care he has fully recovered and has also been neutered.

Please donate to help make life-saving rescues possible.

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  • elly

    thanks again, you are such good and sweet people, i love you all and all your happy animals!
    I will donate again with pleasure in my heart.

  • Katrina

    It’s wonderful to see him so happy now after seeing how terrified and unwell he was when you rescued him. Thank you Animal Aid.

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