Transformation of an old and injured street dog

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Dazed, stumbling and badly wounded, precious Edith almost seemed unaware of the presence of her rescuers. We found her walking along the side of a busy road, obviously confused and disoriented. Thankfully a passerby had seen her and called on our helpline to report her injury.

When our rescuers gently put a blanket over her to pick her up, the only indication that she knew the difference between no blanket and blanket was a brief nervous wag of her tail.

After bringing her back to Animal Aid we saw just how deep and horribly infected the wound on her back was. She was severely dehydrated and looked like she hadn’t eaten in days. We really couldn’t believe that she had been able to walk at all, and indeed, after her first treatment she immediately fell asleep and went on to sleep almost continually for the next several days.

This quiet sweetheart must have been through many ordeals and close calls in her long long life on the street. She has been a mommy many times over; you’ll see that she’s already been old for a long time. But she revealed, after weeks of treatment, that her sparkle had definitely not flickered out. Meet beautiful, elegant Edith today.

Please donate to sponsor recoveries like Edith’s and to support our life-saving street animal rescue.

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  • elly

    Even an old injured sweet dog is happy again with people like you all for helping her to get well again with so much love!
    Thank you so much again, dear people!!

  • Fiona Ingram

    Hard to believe this is the same dog – before and after. Thank you for saving this sweet old girl!

  • Annette

    She looks really beautiful and has so much dignity. A strong (old) lady!

  • Marsha Squibb

    Thank you for saving Edith and all the other dogs…No good deed goes unanswered!!

  • kavita koli

    I love your work..i wants to join it plz suggest me how can i join it

  • jaya trivedi

    I love animals……very great wark…bahut dukh hota h jab bejuban animal taklif m hote h….aap sab bahut hi acha kam kar rahy ho….Aap unke liye bhagwan ho…..

  • Carla Welt

    I just became aware of your organization, having seen a video on Facebook. Thank you SO much to all of you who help those without voices. God bless each and everyone of you. ♥️Dog-God♥️

  • Daria Fedyshyn

    Watching all that you do for these precious beings has me in tears…tears of joy that you rescued them. The way they look at all the workers says it all…thank you and I love you! You work with so little and it is such a miracle that they heal the way they do…must be the huge amounts of love that you show these animals. I will always support your organization and someday I hope to visit with you all! God bless you!

  • Lynne Johnson

    May God bless all you beautiful people.

  • Glenn Paterson

    I weep huge tears to see these poor animals with so much pain and damaged. Then after watching the care and love and eventual healing, I cry again with happiness. You are wonderful people, never stop helping.

  • Ruth Bieber

    Please please everyone that sees the wonderful careing, gentle and compassionate ❤️
    Of All the people working to help save and give happiness to these many animals, Donate To help them in their work. Every $ helps them however small or large you can afford.
    Not only their work, but they also spread and teach the kindness to everyone of the public they come in contact with who witness that Animals Matter.. ?

  • Steve

    You are all doing so much to alleviate the suffering of so many of the ‘forgotten’ animals on the streets of India. Your love and dedication to their cause totally warms my heart. I also know that through your work you are slowly changing the consciousness of the average Indian person on the street towards the plight of these voiceless and innocent creatures. God bless all of you for your wonderful work. I am so happy that I found out about your organisation and know that my donations are making a real difference.

  • maggie

    What a beautiful ending to see Edith who was so traumatised and confused and exhausted trying to survive on the streets against all odds until you wonderful angels came to her rescue. It is utterly heart warming to see what you do at AAU with so little resources but your love and compassion itself heals these beautiful innocent creatures. They all adore you and show such love and appreciation for the ove and care you give them. I love you all at AAU. You do an amazing job for these helpless animals who would otherwise die never knowing love and compassion. God bless you all!

  • fern

    you do such amazing inspiring work. Bravo to you.

  • fern

    you do such amazing inspiring work. Bravo to you.
    fern june 12th

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