The worst wound: Honey’s epic recovery

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Honey had the worst wound we had seen all year covering his entire neck. The massive wound was infested with flesh eating maggots that were literally eating him alive. It was truly amazing that he was still alive with a wound that horrific. He was in a dazed state, barely aware of his surroundings, no appetite and looking as though he could collapse any moment. Without a doubt, he was just a few days from dying if we hadn’t rescued him.

We immediately gave him sedation so he wouldn’t feel any pain, and set to work removing the maggots from the wound and cleaning away necrotic tissue. Once the wound was cleaned, we bandaged him up, helped him eat and drink, and hoped he would survive through to the next morning. With animals in this kind of critical condition, they have often been expending so much energy prior to rescue just on staying alive hour by hour and the body’s last effort to stay alive, that getting through the first few days of treatment can really be touch and go.

For several days Honey would try to eat by couldn’t keep anything down. He was extremely subdued and slept almost constantly.

Each day we continued to clean and dress the wound, and little by little he started to gain strength and soon after that he was a happy little guy who had a spring in his step and was a real love-bug with people.

In just over two months, Honey’s gargantuan wound had completely healed, he was neutered and as healthy as he was happy.

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  • Gail

    Congratulations, love and thankyou to all for saving Honey. I was there the day he came in …. can’t get over how great he looks.

  • Barbara

    Thank you for saving this beautiful dog! Your kindness is awesome, love and thankyou to you all!

  • Andrea

    Wow…. what an amazing comeback for Honey! For all of you who contributed to the healing process of this severely wounded and otherwise doomed pup… you are all truly amazing. Beautiful!!!!!! May you continue to be healthy and happy Honey!!!!!

  • Domonique

    WOWZERS!! Thank you for helping!! I am amazed and so so grateful!!

  • Joy

    Thank you for all you do, for Honey and all homeless and hurting dogs in India. Your efforts are amazing and I can’t help but donate! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for saving these precious loving animals!! God Bless!

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