The dog who grew a new face

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We found Kalu lying in a hole at a construction site in Udaipur on October 7, 2015. His face looked like a bomb had exploded between his forehead. The horrific gaping hole was infested with maggots that were literally eating him alive. As soon as our rescuers Ganpat and Kalu Singh brought him back to Animal Aid we decided that euthanizing him would be the best decision. But as Kalu stood there on the examining table, something in his spirit stopped us in our tracks and we knew we had to give him a chance.

So we began treatment on the most heartbreaking wound we had ever before seen.

We put a powder into the wound that kills the maggots and gave him IV fluids while we waited for the powder to do it’s job.

A few hours later we put Kalu under sedation and began to remove the dead maggots, debride and clean the wound.

Over the course of the next 3 months, Kalu astounded us with him strength of will, his incredible healing and all the love he had to give.


Click here to sponsor Kalu’s life-long sanctuary at Animal Aid. 

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  • Tanja

    Again I cried a river watching this video. Heartbreaking. Amazing. Thank you so for your work. Thank you.

  • Cate Branscheid

    Since discovering this site and the work that you do I am telling everyone I know in person and on social media. But most importantly I say to everyone; Donate and Sponsor!!!!! Keep this work alive.

  • Olga

    Marvellous people… thanks so much!!! Going to donate by all means. God bless you!

  • Susan

    No matter how many times I watch this video, I cannot help but cry uncontrollably. After what that poor dog went through he is so grateful and sweet. Despite the agonizing pain he must have been in, he never tried to nip or bite the people who were powdering and cleaning his wound. I hope you gave him pain killers throughout his recovery. I am baffled, it appeared not only that his eyes were gone but his muzzle, and even his brain, I couldn’t understand how he was still able to breathe through his nose? What’s more, how did he grow back facial tissue, including muscles, bone, skin, and fur over the whole in his head, absolute miracle. Had that same dog been found in our country, he would have been put down for sure, unless someone was willing to pay an animal hospital thousands of dollars for his treatment. I don’t know of any place in this country (USA) who would have taken such a dog in and gave him free medical treatment and nursed him back to health. They euthanize dogs here over much less. In fact, I know of an animal hospital that if the owner doesn’t want to pay for a lifetime of seizure medications for a dog, they will just put the dog down, when all they have to do is give him seizure medications. My parents put a dog less than a year-old down because she required a stomach surgery due to eating a rubber dog toy that the vet said would be $1,000.00. When my parents could have afforded it or at least used Care Credit. Like I said they put dogs down for seizures, injuries, any little thing and I don’t know any vet or hospital around here who would provide free treatment, including the shelters. The only thing the dog shelters are willing to do around here is spay and neuter the animals and even then the person who adopts the dog has to pay the fee back as the adoption fees are always more than enough to cover the costs of neutering and vaccinations. God Bless you Animal Aid Unlimited, India for taking in street dogs such as Kalu and performing expensive medical treatments to save their life. I have donated a lump sum plus a monthly donation and I will try to recruit others to do the same! I want Kalu, has he been adopted or put in a good home? The only thing is I have two other dogs and I wouldn’t want to risk them hurting Kalu’s face should they become territorial. I would have to be home 24/7 to monitor them for the adjustment period and would protect Kalu. I have a high fence and my dogs never escaped. But if Kalu has bonded with the staff at the sanctuary and is happy there I wouldn’t want to take him away from where he is happy, and in fact I would love to sponsor him. How much would it cost to sponsor an animal at your sanctuary so that they are not put back into the streets? Thank you,

  • Erkut

    i have just made a donation… we love you animal aid… you are the living angels… thanks for everything…

  • Jan

    What a beautifully filmed video! I was thrilled when it appeared that one of Kalu’s eyes had been preserved, and he is such a happy dog now. By the way, I have seen videos of animal rescue where the people just rushed to save an animal, but they were rather rough and didn’t give consideration as to how to make it less traumatic for the animal. Your rescuers and especially the one who took Kalu out of the pit, when he was at the most vulnerable, took the time to pet him and show him love, over and over. That must surely have played a part in his miraculous recovery.

    Although I can’t donate much, or often, I am always grateful that I have found this charity, and I would rather donate here than anywhere else because I know that you are doing so much good with so little money and you do your utmost to save every animal you rescue. Kalu would not have stood a chance in the U.S., unfortunately–unless his owners were very rich.

  • phyllis spillman

    I have seen other horrendous cases of animal and neglect that you have lovingly and painstakingly pulled from the brink of death and all I can say is thank you for all you do for these. I plan to give to your organization in a few days, at least $100. I know you do good work and God Bless You.

  • Negya

    Thank you guys. You are wonderful people

  • marjan

    Hellow my friends, my name is Marjan, i am Iranian, i don’t know English or Indian but i wish (hope) you understand my mean because we have a common language, animals love and aid to animals. I saw Kalu’s video last night and cry and cry my inside for 2 reason: one for that seek, alone and poor dog and two for your great, kind, mercyfull humans as same as angel’s ( you are similar to angel’s), i don’t have money for you, i’m so sorry, but if i had money i help you thousands and thousands dollar, i swear to god i told true, but i oath for you very much, i love you and i love dear beautiful Kalu
    god bless you

  • Karel Slavík

    I am living far away from you guys in Europe but what you are doing it’s amazing. I was nearly crying see this video.
    My biggest respect! ! Best regards from Czech republic.

  • Heike

    Whatever god… he she it bless youI You are unbelievable blessed with great affection. <3 My name is Heike from Germany. Is it possible to adopt the beautiful Kalu? I want take this poor soul and care for him… We ( my husband, my fox terrier "Hummel" means Bumblebee and I) are living in a green woody district of Germany with a big house and a large backyard. Our neighbourhood is dog friendly and their dogs are socially minded. The medical care is excellent and I have a lot of love to give. Think it over.
    Thank you… you angels of mercy!

  • Oxana

    Omg I cried my eyes out. This is such a miracle! God bless you for what you do! I can’t thank you enough for the help you give them. You are such an inspiration for all human beings, seriously!

  • Cheryl McGrath

    So sad, but you could see the LOVE you all had for this dog. Thank you for sharing. God Bless you Angels!

  • Kristine

    This was so incredibly sad and horrible at first, I am so glad you gave him a chance… and when you saw the one eye was still there, omg! Talk about happy tears! Thank you so much for all the good work you are doing for these animals! I just discovered this page and rescue group today, and donated a little money.. I don’t have much, but I will continue to give whenever I can! Warm wishes all the way from the cold north of Norway, from me and my own two dogs!

  • lara eisenberg

    You are truly miracle workers .

  • Barry Edy

    I think it was Gandhi who said a nation that shows compassion and empathy to its animals, disabled and elderly is to be admired and emulated. For a large country with a degree of poverty absent in Europe & the USA, India shines as a beacon of love and compassion and I urge all those who were as moved as I was to donate generously to such a worthy and honourable cause. I am fortunate enough to be able to home 9 rescued dogs on a large property and the unconditional love given to me is worth more than money can buy. Seeing my happy troupe run around with gay abandon gives me great pleasure and happiness especially as I am a polio quadriplegic confined to a power wheelchair. The therapeutic benefit that one derives from this unconditional love makes it all worthwhile. Barry Edy : Durban South Africa

  • Sidharth Pawar

    It would be great if we had such service in Hyderabad Telangana… Great Job GOD BLESS YOU ALL…



  • Ratul

    Really you guys are doing a great job! hats off

  • Toby Glanville

    Amazing! I love you guys so much. You’ve saved so many lives. Thankfully there are compassionate people out there caring for our animals friends. Keep up the great work!

  • Mary J

    Rescuing animas for the past twenty yrs, I have seen some awful situations and spent countless amounts of my own money saving creatures. I know how costly it can be for undertakings such as this. God bless you animal aid India and God bless all the small rescue groups around the world who actually help creatures (instead lining a rich chair person’s pockets with the donations). I donated money before and will be donating again for sweet Kalu.
    I will always donate to these small groups that actually do God’s work. Although the large organisations do help animals, they take most of the donations to pay high salaries of chair people and they will not spend money to save a creature like Kalu.. Anyone reading this post, pls consider donating to these small groups. The large organisation have become businesses and they get plenty. Always give to small groups.
    I LOVE you Kalu, you are a gorgeous creature with a beautiful spirit.

  • zazil

    Son maravillosas todas esas personas , dios las bendiga y con gusto apoyaré su labor

  • C. Gordon

    I watched this wonderful story with these wonderful people who saved this poor dog and could not stop crying with happiness and joy. Thank you to all of those angels and heroes with your big hearts and generosity to save this poor dogs who was suffering so badly. You are wonderful. I hope to see you in heaven one day. Love to you wonderful people with this organization. You are awesome and filled with love in your hearts. <3

  • Robert

    You guys are amazing people doing marvelous things. Thank you and I will keep donating. Good luck.

  • Rachel oseckas

    The team at animal aid are absolutely amazing. The love, care and medical aid you provide is outstanding.

  • Sunny gupta

    Plz animal aid continue your job i am still crying i want to meet kalu plz and i want to join your club i am a animal lover i have a 1 year rottweiler i love all the dogs equally ???still crying about kalu plz comment your address plz plz plz plz i will come anywhere you will tell but plz text me your address i will surely like to adopt kalu and take gud care of him give him everything he needs plz

  • Kazmrr

    Stay strong, HEROES!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie

    I have no words to describe how I feel watching this videos… the rescue of all this animals which have the chance to have a beautiful life without pain.
    I cry everytime looking this animals in their faces before and after their rescue and health. And I love them all.
    Animal Aid Unlimited is one of the organisations which has conquered my heart.

  • Ashu Bisht

    If all the team members of Animal aid are vegetarian then hats off from my side to this team for their work and for sure will help this team in future.

  • Josh

    Hey guys! First just wanted to say what a fantastic job you guys do. Second, Kalu really touched my heart and he’s been on my mind every day since seeing the video. His well being and current health has been weighing heavily on my heart and I was curious about something. I know you don’t adopt out (although if you were willing I would adopt him in a heartbeat. Sincerely) but is there any way I could virtually adopt him? Like for a monthly or yearly fee you could provide me with pictures and updates on him? If I can’t physically adopt him then I’d be grateful to do this. Something about him really pulls at me. Seeing him so joyful and his strong and waking spirit after such awful trauma. We humans can really learn a things or two from these beautiful and amazingly resilient animals. I mean how many of us would be so jovial and happy after having half our face eaten by maggots and left in a hole to die alone. We’d be sitting feeling sorry for ourselves and hating and blaming everyone else. Please get back to me if this is a possibility.

  • Zanjero

    Love to see the ending, so AMAZING, you should be so proud.

  • Kathryn

    I must ask, is Kalu still a happy boi today?

  • admin

    Hi Kathryn, Kalu is doing great! He is in really great health, in fact he’s almost unrecognizable, his fur has grown so long and he’s actually become a bit of a fatty-boy over the past year or so. Thank you so much for asking about him!

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