Tarred and saved!

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We rescued 3 puppies last night who were literally stuck to the ground, unable to move their legs, terrified and covered in tar. A vat of tar had spilled where road work was going on in Udaipur and the puppies had gotten trapped in it. Locals who saw the puppies called our helpline and we rushed to rescue them. Amazingly none of them were injured though we can only imagine the horrible things could have happened to them had they remained stuck to the ground for any longer. The tar was centimeters thick on their stomachs and feet, and took almost 2 hours for us to clean. They are the sweetest of puppies who graciously sat through the long process and were SO happy to be finally able to stand up and pee when their legs were freed! We are so happy to have been able to save them!!!

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  • Ruth Overy

    Hi Claire & family
    My husband & I saw these beautiful puppies the day after they had been rescued and were in the process of becoming cleaner – they were just the sweetest things & I hope they are recovering well from their ordeal. Keep up the good work!!

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