Street dog disabled by accident learns to walk again

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This angel had a spine injury and if you’d passed him on the road, you’d think he was sleeping or dead. He could hardly even lift his head. He must have gotten the big deep wound on his lower back with the same blow that injured his back–probably from a passing vehicle.

He had no ability to resist being lifted into the ambulance. But what we realized once he was admitted into the hospital for treatment, is that this beautiful boy wouldn’t have resisted even if he’d had the strength. He WANTED help. He is a brave little soul who makes you recall the phrase “he’s all heart.” His soft button eyes always said “I’ll try my hardest to get well!” even when he was unable to walk, and through all the therapy sessions which followed. What a beautiful way to wrap up 2017–Robert’s is a story of happiness and optimism in the face of serious trouble. Robert is the sweetheart to ring in the New Year.

Please donate for the animals who need many weeks of care but who we can save.

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