Strange cruelty to street bulls lodged with police

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1st bull rescued

After more than 35,000 street animal rescues we have never before come across this bizarre form of cruelty to wandering bulls.

One day in early May we received several calls from residents of Bohra Ganeshji, Udaipur, that someone had put a padlock on the testicles of one of the wandering bulls, causing severe swelling and discomfort. We rescued the bull, brought him back to Animal Aid, and got to work sawing off the padlock with some difficulty as the area had become so swollen from the tourniquet-like pressure of the padlock. Luckily he was rescued just in the nick of time as necrosis was soon to set in.

The bull was not friendly or easy to handle, making this cruel prank all the more disturbing as it would have taken several men to bind him in order to fasten the padlock.

2nd bull rescued

We contacted our regular emergency callers in the Bohra Baneshji area asking if anyone had any information but no one had a clue.

We considered it a rare fluke incident probably done by a bunch of drunk rowdies.

Then on June 15th we received calls that there were two more bulls suffering from the same cruelty, both in the vicinity of where the first bull had been.

3rd bull as found on the street and after removal of padlock feeling better!

This time we knew it was not a random “joke” and after rescueing the bulls we went to file a complaint with the police at Pratap Nagar station.

We are thankful to Inspector Manjit Singh for his immediate attention to the case. We are currently calling on locals to report any information about this to the police at the Pratap Nagar Thana at: 0294-2490499



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