Slum-dwellers help rescue injured cow

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Angels are living at the city garbage dump. These poor kids’ compassion welled up like a spring, rising out of the filth, the smoke of dangerous toxins, the smell and the buzzing of flies. They spend all day picking through garbage under a blistering sun, looking for bits of scrap metal and glass that might fetch a few rupees from a recycler. They live in squalor but their compassion and help were acts of pure beauty. Watch the rescue of Mabel, a little cow who had become injured and unable to stand in a sea of garbage. We are grateful to those children and to you, our donors, who that day had formed a partnership that Animal Aid could serve. And for Mabel who, on a scorching day, that might have otherwise been her last on earth, was transported to safety.

Compassion lies somewhere within each of us. Please donate within your means.

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  • Jimmy

    Um do y’all have one in Arkansas. I will love to come take care of animals love them and treat them with the proper care they need ?. number is (501)256-4194.

  • Lorilyn Roberts


  • Lauren Wallace

    Poor Mable, thanks Angels for helping this beautiful being. Blessings for all of your help. I will try to help you all, once I come into some funds. Many blessings to you all.

  • Jonna Skehan

    I am so happy to send a small monthly donation for your fine works on behalf of innocent animals.?

    Here, animal rescues seem to go wanting all to often. I truly think people would rather whine and wring their hands on FB
    than part with the price of a latte once a week to help causes that move their hearts.

    There is also so much negative energy, I take myself away from it as soon as I accomplish what I intend for that day?

    Animal Aid does so much progress with so little. Do you know references to Ockham’s
    Razor? The simplest way to do something is the best. ❤ This
    applieo to the AA approach to wounds, starvation and paralysis in dogs. Your staff are gifted and calm. I think we have forgotten the benefits of letting Father Time and Mother Nature play their ancient roles in healing…healing a wound. Healing a heart.

    Thank you so very much.???

  • Thea

    It makes one realize that there are so many caring people who will put their own lives at risk to help these unfortunate animals. Thank you to these wonderful people who care so much

  • Liz G.

    I am not surprised to find ‘angels’in a slum.You will find more there than in palaces. May God bless you all.

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