Slum-dweller in India shares food with street dogs

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Lokesh is a poor man from an Indian slum who reported an injured street dog to Animal Aid a few days ago. Despite being so poor that his children have no shoes, a few rags that serve as blankets, and a roof leaking icy rain at night, they share what little they have with street dogs.


His story on Facebook touched people from around the world and one Animal Aid supporter donated shoes, blankets, and sweaters to help Lokesh’s family.


 When we went to give his family the donated items, we learned today that his family are rag-pickers who spend the whole day searching for recyclable plastic in a nearby garbage dump which they then try to sell. His dear wife Rupi Bai told us they eat only once a day in the evening. Last night it rained unexpectedly and Rupi Bai said her whole family hadn’t slept the whole night because rain was dripping in through their tent. Yet this humble family shares their home with several dogs, including a mama dog and her 3 chubby puppies. Along with the clothes and shoes we gave a big bag of Pedigree dog food for the mama and her pups and a basket of hot samosas for the cold day.


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  • Jan

    It is amazing to see such a poor family making sacrifices to be able to help their beloved dogs. I am sure the love they give and receive are a great joy to them. It was heartwarming to know about such wonderful people, and that includes the person on Facebook who contributed some of the things the family needs to make the humans in it more comfortable.

  • Neenu Sodhi

    Amazing man and family. These are the kind of people who are a bonus for the society. God bless them all and give us more such humans.

  • Carole Hunter

    How can we get stuff/money to him?

  • A Finn

    I want to help them! How can I do it?

  • Coca

    Is there a fund or something set up for the family? Would be nice to aid them in helping feed the animals at least.

  • Jane Rhodus

    what an amazing story… I hope that something good continues to come to this carig family. Their compassion should not go unnoticed, especially when there are so many ugly, inhumane stories to be seen daily.

  • Van

    How can we get stuff/money to him?

  • Val Kerry


  • Jenny Bron

    I am pleased that there are people who are so committed to the animals ..where the world, there will always be bad events, but also good .And who may also be in focus.

  • mj

    C’est magnifique! Bravo à cette famille. Comment peut-on les aider ?

  • Saranya Nataraj

    Happy to see these kindful acts from underprivileged people. Animals remain innocent and loyal in this world. If you had looked at the eyes of the dog, it really tell you how much he is in need of love from people like us. Even random acts of kindness towards animals will help animals in need.

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