Screaming from pain, pup with torn ear rescued

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This little sweetheart’s ear was almost completely torn off, and his cries in pain at the beginning of this video are hard to bear, but WATCH TIL THE END, because when little Banjo has healed he will remind you of all the reasons it feels so beautiful to help such vulnerable animals in an emergency.
You can bring huge relief…to someone small. Please donate today.
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  • Mara

    Love you so much

  • Ceitha Steele


  • Leslyn Beckwith

    Thank You Animal Aid India for helping all the animals in need!

  • Patricia Walker

    I would love to volunteer at your place. I’ve followed your story for some years now and would love to spend some time giving these worthy souls some loving.
    Could you tell me if there is suitable accommodation near by please?
    Also is there a particular good time to come weather wise?
    I am 65 years young with fairly good health barring a painful knee!
    Can I be of use to Animal Aid Unlimited please?
    Trish Walker

  • Lori James

    So thankful for Animal Aid Unlimited. You guys have such compassion for the abandoned and suffering.

  • Derman Bolat

    If I were rich I would donate the quarter of my income here.

  • Derman Bolat

    You’re doing a great job.

  • lucinda vicenta fernandez

    perdon que no hablo ingles..pero los amo por lo que hacen….GRACIAS MILLONES DE GRACIAS

  • Hassina Khan

    May you all be blessed in our live for the work you do. Peace and Love to all.

  • Hohl

    Thanks a lot, bless all Members

  • Wendy Averill

    Animal Aid International is the most remarkable organization. I am thrilled to be donating monthly to it.

  • Nitika

    Great work you doing guys please keep it up 🙂

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