Saved just in time: puppy’s head stuck in plastic jar

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We received a call on our helpline in the early morning that a puppy had a plastic container stuck on her head. Neighbors had tried to pull the container off but it wouldn’t budge. We immediately sent our rescuers who found that not only was the plastic lodged incredibly tight around her head, but an awful smell was emanating from within the plastic. Because of its shape, the little girl was unable to eat or drink and was petrified with fear.


Back at the shelter we got to work and began cutting away the thick plastic.


With the container safely removed, it was time to thoroughly wash and shampoo all the waste that had collected in her fur under the plastic.



Fortunately, there were only minor wounds and abrasions around her ears and the back of her head.

We shudder to imagine this sweet girl’s fate had her caring neighbors not called for her rescue.

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