Sanjay helps Spotty

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Sanjay cheers up the Mange-Range

The shelter-dogs all run to the gate to investigate who has just arrived. As soon as they see it’s Sanjay, their tails start wagging like crazy!

Sanjay Kanwrani, who lives in Madri, Udaipur, has been a frequent visitor to Animal Aid and over the years he and his wife have fed and looked after a total of more than 15 street dogs. The latest crew of street dogs discovered the Kanwranis after they moved into Madri 3 years ago. “Spotty” in the photo below, has two siblings and a mother in Sanjay’s colony who he fed from the time they were weaned.

Spotty rejoices at the sight of Sanjay (and the toast).

Spotty was rescued with mange and has been in the mange range for about 10 days, and it’s time to get him home where, in the stress-free environment of his family of dogs and beloved humans, he is likely to heal much faster than in the confines of the Animal Aid kennel area.

Sanjay will continue giving Spotty anti-mange baths twice a week at home, and we will send one of our nurses to give the next anti-mange injection after 10 days.

Mange is so infectious that almost all street dogs test positive for mites, but only in the dogs whose immunity is low (possibly because of a viral or bacterial infection elsewhere in the system) do the mange mites take hold and really cause problems.

Sanjay, who is a marble trader, is a great example for others. “I do my work with dogs in broad daylight. Other people in the colony slowly change when they see me feeding the dogs and lots of others are taking care of dogs now too. Just the other day, an older lady in my complex who I know never ever uses the phone, she had the Animal Aid number only in her phone and when one of her street dogs had an injured leg, she got someone to call you on her phone. You never know when you plant a seed sometime how it will grow.”

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