Saddest donkey’s mouth full of blood after eating glass

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We found him standing forlorn by the side of the road, his head hung in agony. His mouth was covered in blood and the ground was red all around him. We believe his mouth must have been cut from trying to eat something that had glass or a blade hidden in it. We hurried him back to Animal Aid’s hospital, treated him for pain and began searching to make sure no glass remained in his mouth. There were many deep cuts and lacerations but when we applied pressure to the wounds the bleeding finally stopped.

We can’t fathom the pain this sweet boy had quietly endured. Even after we started his treatment he still wasn’t able to eat for several days, so we don’t think he could have survived much longer if someone hadn’t found him on the street and called our helpline.

Thank you for supporting Animal Aid Unlimited’s rescue work and enabling us to save Noah’s life. Please donate to save animals suffering alone on the streets today.

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