Sad little puppy with mange needed urgent help

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When a dog’s health runs down because of mange, it’s so sad–but when it happens to a young puppy who has tasted so little pleasure in life, who has been running and running to flee from the terrible itching, probably running away from his mama and siblings and everything else he knows out of sheer confusion and a hysterical level of itchiness–this tragedy is heartbreaking. And that’s why it felt so good to rescue and urgently treat this little tyke now. Although he didn’t like the medicated baths at first, turned out he grew very fond of playing in water! He had been deprived of the life of play and happiness every puppy needs and deserves. But the playful puppy who had gone into his shell of hurting has responded to rigorous 6 weeks of treatment full of life, joy and…puppy play! Watch what the happiest healing looks like now…in darling Jamie.

Please donate for sweethearts who need to be saved today.

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