Rescuing the sweetest girl injured from wire cutting into her leg

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A piece of wire was wrapped tight like a tourniquet around this darling girl’s leg. It had cut through the skin and hurt so bad she couldn’t bear any weight on that leg at all. As soon as our ambulance arrived and our rescuers found her, she started to run and we thought we’d missed our chance at rescuing her. But luckily she turned down an alley and we had another chance.

After we removed the wire from her leg she healed within just a few weeks. She is an absolute angel, truly one of the sweetest little ladies we’ve ever met.

Thank you for your generous support that enables us to rescue and heal animals with injuries like hers that could have been fatal.

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  • sohbet

    So sad a photo 🙁 I crying

  • elly from the Netherlands

    Thanks again, you beautiful people. I love you all!!!
    I hope that your organisation will receive a lot of money to do what you do!

  • Sharon Militello

    I cannot believe the horror, the abuse, the reprehensible acts committed against these precious, furry children. I was reading on the internet and came across a page, bringing me to this, couldn’t bear to read the stories, so horrific. I immediately sought to help, donating money, fostering or sponsoring someone, will, and must write to praise all of you who manage to find, help, and restore life to these wonderful, former, pets. OMG, I am in tears. I cannot bear to write any more but will keep the page up and donate. I promise. As an RN, my word is my bond. May God be with each and every one of you who do this incredible work and as well with the sweat, lonely, sick and injured animals under your care.

  • Tanja

    I am so glad she has not loose her paw. Amputation is the last help, but I love to see that she has healed with all 4 paws. 🙂

  • chen

    thanks to rescue her!

  • chen

    thanks for rescue her! !

  • ujwal

    I cannot say u gys are doing a good job, but ur doing a great job. U all know the value of life.

  • Joyce

    I will be mailing a check to help with your work. You are truly heroes of the finest sort – many thanks for the hard work you do

  • komik sözler

    So sad post! 🙁

  • mdl geddes

    You are all wonderful people for the great work you do in rescuing these street Dogs with terrible injuries. YOu are truly amazing. I will donate again.soon.

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