Rescue of donkey victim of cruel owner

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Peach is a donkey who knew abuse from his cruel owner all his life. He hauled bricks, sand, and water for construction sites on narrow lanes. When he had the energy, he must have tried to escape, and his owner hobbled him (tied his legs together)–but this owner went a step further and tied three of his legs together using sharp plastic packing tape and ropes.

When the plastic and ropes cut through his legs, instead of taking them off, the owner abandoned him–with the hobbles still in place. We don’t know how long–it appears to have been weeks–that Peach suffered excruciating pain. Even when the ropes broke, it remained tight against his legs and cut deeper and deeper into the tissue. The fact that no one called us despite the obvious harm being caused by the strip of plastic just tells us how normal it is here to see working animals in horrible situations. It is so common–heavy yokes on bullocks, sharp bits, whips, ropes, chains–all of the “normal” gear used to confine and compel animals to work for us–we don’t realize how unacceptable it all is.

Peach is safe now. We saved his leg and his life. We will continue to meet donkey owners and try to instil in them new understandings of animal welfare. We will continue to argue against the use of animals for labor. And we will use this video of Peach to show children in schools how to recognize cruelty and to speak up against it, and to call Animal Aid whenever they see a suffering animal.

Please donate to rescue victims of abuse today.

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