Rescue of dog tangled in soccer net

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Tangled up from head to toe, this precious little boy was absolutely baking in the sun, caught in a sports net. The kids who called us for his rescue were too afraid of dogs to cut the rope themselves. But their fears were so unfounded–this little cutypie couldn’t be more affectionate and loving. It turned out he also had the beginnings of mange, so we scooped him up and took him back for a medicated bath and some extra hugs.

Please donate, so that a predicament doesn’t become a tragedy.

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  • Barbara Foster

    These people are not human, they are ANGELS!!! Thank heaven there are some people in the world like this. All I can do is donate to their cause and I do so every month. Keep up your good work. THANK YOU

  • Marta

    Viéndolo positivamente, fue afortunado al quedarse enredado en esa net ya que, de lo contrario, no le hubieran tratado su enfermedad, la cual es muy difícil de tolerar, y no tendría un refugio con personas generosas que lo cuidan y protegen. Muchas bendiciones para ellos y su noble labor.

  • Conchita Triay

    I think the work you do is absolutely amazing! I hope there will always be people like you around.

  • Judy Mandelbrot

    I too have so much respect for the caring & wonderful people who help all of the animals & save so many of them.

  • Dottie Cross

    I believe that your organization is one of the best. I am proud to support you even though I am the Founder of Fiona Animal Refuge in Hidalgo Mexico. Keep up the great work.

  • Susan Speckmann

    I am so in love with the care all of you wonderful caretakers provide for the animals of India. All of you are gentle souls and God bless you and your commitment to these animals.

  • Krish

    How can I buy a dog

  • carlos faria

    Amazing people.

  • Rubina Saeed

    Wonderful peoples, I salute them for saving these innocent animals. I wish there are more peoples like them.

  • Debi Taylor

    I donate to this group on a recurring monthly basis so happy to do it I give $25 a month I wish I could give more when I have more money I will this these people are just Angels oh my gosh angels

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