Rescue of darling street dog dying from mange

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June was so miserable with mange, but it almost seemed like this sweetest-ever girl was literally waiting for Animal Aid to arrive. Watch her tail. It’s painful even to imagine her suffering on the street for the days and weeks that came before her rescue, but what gratitude we feel that we were able to get to her on time, and it is thanks to so many of you that we have the medicine, the food, the many loving caregivers that turned June’s story from despair to delight.

Not only did we heal her mange but we also vaccinated her against common viruses, including distemper and parvo, vaccinated her against rabies (as we do all the dogs we rescue) and spayed her.

Please make a donation to support our life-saving street animals rescues.

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  • Mylan To

    This is such a beautiful dog and she is very blessed to be rescued and saved by all your kindness. May God bless June and everyone at the sanctuary.

  • Honour

    You are such wonderful people; you truly restore my faith in humanity with what you do for animals, often at risk to yourselves. I can’t get over how the dogs just know that you are helping them, even while enduring unimaginable pain, they don’t snap at you. A million blessings to all of you, and your animals.

  • rohit manchanda

    Hats off to you guys and to your efforts. real heroes , saving souls . god bless you

  • Caunou

    I love how you treat her the way like you always are and other animals too 🙂 and I also love your song at the back round I watch your video everytime and I’m only 10 years old but it doesn’t matter because I love your video and that the way I like it


    Loves: Animal Aid

    That all I hope I was with you guys but I live in another state but it ok I can watch your vids instead because I love it ^_^

  • Jo

    What region-state/city of India is this shelter in? Is the support organization close to the shelter.

    I have traveled threw India many times and have seen dogs near the southern temples with severe
    mange, with female dogs constantly pregnant. Makes me happy to know such dogs get care.

  • Vasudha

    @ Jo This organization is in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

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