Rescue of a wounded dog found dying on the side of the street

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Our rescuers found him lying on the side of the street, terribly wounded and broken. The side of his head was being eaten by maggots and his body had given up all hope. We could tell that he had been lying in the same place for many hours if not days, and we believe that if we hadn’t rescued him right when we did, that is where he would have died.

We rushed him back to Animal Aid Unlimited’s shelter and began his treatment: IV fluids to treat his dehydration, antibiotics for the infection and we applied medicine into his wound to kill the maggots.

In the following days our old boy grew stronger, he ate well, and his wound started to heal. When we rescued him he was also suffering from mange, a skin condition, and that too healed with weekly medicated baths.

After several months of treatment, you will have trouble recognizing this handsome fella who we named Major Sahib in honor of his incredibly valiant spirit.

Please donate for the intensive care of wounded street animals in India who, like Major Sahib, aren’t ready to say goodbye.

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  • Julie geyton

    You are doing an amazing job – what happens to these old dogs when they are back to health – do they live in your compound ?

    I will be in India in may snd would love to send some funds to you or to bring medicines from uk if that would help more ?

    Please advise

  • elly

    Hi dear people, thank you again. You all are in my heart.
    Do the animals worst cases always live their further life in your place?
    I really hope so if that is possible off course. ?

  • Yolande Henry

    Merci pour toutes ces vies sauvées, tous ces merveilleux animaux méritent une nouvelle vie, Belle et Heureuse ! BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO. A message from France. Thank you so much for your work to save all these beautiful souls. That s marvellous. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ??

  • Billy MacArigacus

    Special thanks to the team who took care of him. Happy to make a donation. Pls keep up the good work.

  • Magdalena

    You guys are simply AMAZING ,Your heart of gold is untouchable,your kindness and love is Majestick.May God bless you all.You have my love and respect for all your doing.Thank God people like you stil exist.God bless all those angels you save.With love and respect Magdalena.

  • Fiona Ingram

    tears came to my eyes when I saw how he raised his head to greet his rescuers, as sick and painful and he must have felt. Thanks for saving this dear soldier – what a hero he is, and AAU!

  • cate

    god love you wonderfull people,and all those beautifull animals .

  • Elizabeth Goudge

    God bless you all for your dedicationxx

  • maggie geddes

    Thank you so much for rescuing this beautiful old Dog; Major Sahib! It would have been terrible if he had been left on the street alone to die a horrible death. I think you are all incredible for what you do to rescue and save the lonely, unloved, injured and broken Dog’s. I hope eventually, that the whole of India will have amazing rescue teams like you at AAU. Every Animal deserves to live with dignity and without pain and suffering. I do donate and will again soon. Love and respect and God bless you all for the great work you do. Greetings from Scotland.

  • Annette Siegl

    Simply adorable! Thank you for helping this old gentleman back to life. He looked very satisfied at the end of the video. I wish him many wonderful years to live!

  • louisa m byrd

    The major is beautiful. Thank you so much for taking such good care of and loving him. What a transformation. Love you all.????

  • Amit meena

    Guys you are the best people in the world….

  • Shouvik Choudhury

    I really appreciate your help… the cure and care of such cases where we think it is impossible to save the lives out of them..but we are grateful that we have got a organisation like yours..the only request is that…expand your centres so as to better the lives of more such brave hearts…thank you..and lots of love to all of these cute animals..

  • Tanja

    Such a sweet boy. Thank you for your help.

  • Sylvia Rottenberg

    Thanks to you

  • Sowmya

    Thankyou for rescuing those little ones and giving them new life. Am hearfully thanking hole team for your love towards them.

  • Valerie

    You are all heaven sent. Please never stop doing what you do for these animals. I am happy to donate monthly to this organization.

  • Christine Saint

    What more can I say? Thankyou SO much for all you do and please continue to send me emails as it reminds me to donate to the WONDERFUL work you do


  • Kim Riva

    God bless you all for taking care of these beautiful animals.

  • Evelyn. . New Jersey United States

    I am totally amazed that these dogs don’t bite the people who come to their rescue. I can see from the videos the treatment and the loving environment,that you foster there for these negelectived creatures. If I lived near your sanctuary, I would be there to help in your efforts, and volunteer my time.I am disabled,so I can’t send money,I am very greatful for all you do.

  • Blazenka

    Thanks to you all for everything that you do for this little harts. I am happy to donate monthly to this organization. I wish i could be with you and help you more, but i live so far away.

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