Recovery of dog unable to walk from spinal injury

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When we found Alby laying unable to stand in the filth and decay of an abandoned store room, his forlorn look of confusion and extreme sadness told us he had probably been lying there for several days. Though his spine was injured and his hind legs were unable to bear weight, this boy must have dragged himself into the darkness to hide. Alby is a street dog who looked like he had probably been hit by a car or suffered a blow to his back. Neighbors called us to the rescue when they saw that he couldn’t get out of the store room where he had crawled to in fear. How in the world did he make it all that way after such a harrowing blow? Even adrenaline isn’t enough to propel an animal or a person who has had spinal cord damage. Many dogs who are hit by cars suffer permanent hind leg paralysis if their spinal cord is damaged. But Alby is extremely lucky. We limited his activity, gave him daily anti-inflammatories, plenty of rest, nutritious food and –never to be forgotten–affection and love. And just look at Alby after his month of intensive therapy!

Please donate--so that they can be happy again.

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  • elly

    Thanks again friends of mine, you are so good people.
    I love you all and i will keep donating what i can with all the love for you all and the animals off course.

  • eve roberts


  • maggie geddes

    Thank you to everyone at AAU. you do a great job n rescuing these innocent, beautiful animals and give them a second chance of life and more importantly, you give them the love and care they have never had but so deserve. Alba is a lovely Dog and has the most soulful eyes. \i will donate again.

  • Gail

    You guys do such good work!

  • Christy page

    A gels helping angels. God bless.

  • Kathleen Burns Griggs

    Bless you for all the loving, compassionate, dedication to your work saving these Companions. <3

  • Tanja

    He is so sweet and lovely. Thank you for helping him.

  • Dr. Kirti

    u r the best thing that has ever happened to Udaipur. Keep up the good work.

  • Nutan Siva

    You People are doing very very nice activities. Congratulations for this work

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