Rameet finds his new mother at Animal Aid

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Ariane and Rameet

“Nayi Ma” which means New Mother in Hindi, is what Ariane is now lovingly called by the care-givers in Animal Aid’s cow and donkey paddock. For the last 10 days she has been nursing a little boy bull named Rameet back to health. Rameet, which means “loved,” was likely born in an Udaipur Dairy and abandoned on the streets because he is a boy calf.  Separated from his mother, alone and defenseless, he was attacked by dogs on the street and badly injured. On his first day at Animal Aid after being rescued his survival was touch-and-go as he was in shock and almost comatose. That’s when Ariane stepped in and aided his gradual improvements as he slowly began to sit up with her help, chew on the grass and corn she put into his mouth, and finally stand up and start eating on his own. Animal Aid has already been graced with two months of Ariane’s ever-ready smile and ever-open arms and we are thrilled that she is saving lives with us for yet another month!

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  • bianca

    Yay Ariane and Rameet! Lovely little story. I miss animal aid so much! I just returned to Australia and it is bizarre to walk down the street andnot see any cows! Wishing Rameet the best recovery.

  • Mike and Naomi Elias

    As vegan animal rights advocates, we are having a banner made and wonder if we could download some of your beautiful pictures to use on it? We’ve tried using the horrible pictures up to now, and it does seem to put off a lot of people, so we’re going to go the “aaahhh, isn’t it lovely” route and see what happens! At 81 and 77, it doesn’t look as if we’ll make it to India, but you have all our love and best wishes and we look forward to the day when you are no longer needed.

  • Teresa

    All of you are amazing people doing amazing things for these beautiful creatures that have no one else. Keep doing what you do, it gives me hope for humanity. So glad I found your website.

  • Fadwa Idelah

    Thank you everyone for all the work you to for these innocent animals that had no one to care for them. You’re amazing, Bless you all ?❤️

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