Puppy trapped under rubble reunited with mother

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This little peanut of a puppy was trapped under a hut that collapsed after torrential rain pummeled Udaipur. Villagers could hear her cries coming from under bricks and metal roofing and called Animal Aid to the rescue.

When we arrived we moved aside some of the metal sheets and quickly found the little baby, not more than a month old, soaking wet and totally unable to escape from between the rubble, but thankfully, unharmed. What she needed most was to be with her mother again. She must have been hungry and so scared.

When we brought the little baby to her mom, the mother dog’s reaction is absolutely priceless—she is ecstatic to find her baby is in one piece. Watch what she does when she sees her precious baby for the first time after disaster struck.

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  • Elizabeth Goudge

    God bless you for your efforts and compassion

  • Louisa Byrd

    Thank you for saving that beautiful little baby. Her mother was so happy to see her. Thank you for the wonderful, wonderful rescues and work that you all do saving and healing the lives of these beautiful babies. God bless each of you.???❤

  • Norma

    i love you

  • karthigeyan

    sir i am in bangalore do you people have your team in bangalore i have seen a few dogs beeen abondoned and stavred to death in my memory a big dog was tied beside a railwayelectricbox with neck full of wounds and he was dead afted a day i was helpless to help him and the help of hebbal animal resue wwas also helpless

    please reply me at

  • Donna Miller

    Well,what can I say except that you are the most awesome people.And what you do is absolutely beautiful in the eyes of people that really care.Please keep helping these poor defenseless animals.They are innocent and did not ask to be here.It was not their choice.Just like innocent children.

  • fetneh

    I Love You ALL.

  • Tanja

    So happy see them being united again. 🙂


    I don’t understand why the villagers didn’t lift the metal of the dog one month ago, but at least they called you and you reunited mom and pup. I am glad the Mom didn’t reject the baby pup and took her to the den with the other dogs. Thank you Animal Aid India for all you do and for being steadfast in your work and being a blessing and testament on what it means to do for others and not ask for anything back. I have such respect for you and your organization. Cheers!

  • my chau

    God bless you for your efforts and compassion

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