Puppy trapped and drowning deep in sewage line rescued

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This puppy’s mother frantically paced back and forth at the mouth of a covered sewer line but she couldn’t find a way in. When our rescue team arrived we could faintly hear a puppy’s fading whimper. We too had trouble finding an entryway. Finally we found a rock slab we could hoist up but the puppy was still deep in the tunnel. We had no choice but to send one of the team knee deep into the sewage water, bent over and wading through it to rescue this little one on the verge of giving up. When our rescuer emerged, the baby was collapsed. We brought him back to the Animal Aid hospital so that we could thoroughly examine him. He was exhausted from fear and anguish. But as soon as he rested and ate, Barney bloomed before our eyes. Watch this furry family’s reunion at the end of Barney’s very busy day. He won’t have trouble sleeping tonight! For little ones who get into all kinds of trouble, please donate

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