Puppy survives terrible case of embedded plastic string

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Nancy is a delicate pre-teen who we rescued with critically advanced edema (fluid) from plastic string tied around her neck that was cutting into the muscles of her neck and slowly choking her.

We believe that someone, possibly a child, may have tied the plastic string around her neck as a “collar” when she was a younger puppy, and then never cut it off. And so being a street puppy not owned by anyone, the string began to get tighter and tighter, to the point that it was cutting through the skin down into the muscle, and unfortunately neighbors ignored her situation for far too long but luckily in the end a kind person finally did call and we were able to rescue her just in time.

Because the wound wrapped completely around Nancy’s neck, it took a month to heal, and the swelling continues to improve. Watch this gentle little love after her horrendous ordeal.

Please donate to sponsor the life-saving rescues of precious street animals in India.

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  • Ugne

    God bless you !!!

  • Ranjana Thakur

    I am overwhelmed by your hard labour& kindness. Plz. continue with your kind work. I will soon donate towards your organizational.

  • Larissa

    You are heroes!!! I don’t find any words! THANK YOU SO MUCH. I love you all! You have my suport!!!

  • Stacey

    I just want to say that what you all do is INCREDIBLE. I’d never be able to do this (I don’t have the stomach for it, or the ability to make tough calls), but I’m so glad there are people like you out there! Thank you so much! The moment I get a job, I’m going to donate as much as I can.

  • R. Astby

    Thank God for that person who stood away from the crowd, who could stand it no longer, and contacted the rescuers. Why couldn’t someone have done it sooner?

  • Neelie

    The streets of India are hellish for both human and animals. I pray that you would be in EVERY MAJOR INDIAN CITY because your organization is desperately needed.

  • margaret

    Thank you so very much for rescuing Nancy. she is adorable. Thank God to the person who did contact Animal Aid before it was too late. Tying string/plastic or whatever round a puppies neck is so stupid as we can see the terrible consequence of what happens when the puppy grows bigger. No street Dog should have anything tied round their neck as this is the result. Please spread awareness about this problem cause that could have been avoided. Nancy must have felt she would die by suffocating to death. I love you all at Animal Aid for the wonderful work you do for the suffering Animals. I hope one day there will be more organisations throughout India to rescue these loving innocent creatures. God bless you all!


    What a terrible thing that people doing.
    Please keep on saving animals.
    Thank you.

  • Glenn

    I am so happy to see wath you people so for this animals 🙂 God bless you!

  • Valerie Milot

    I can never scroll on by when I see your posts. Thank you so much for what you do.

  • Rahul

    God bless you all. I wish we had something for Vadodara also. Here the Dogs are suffering too.

  • Marcia Hanna

    i can not stop crying.God bless you all!!!!!!!!

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