Puppy saved after falling in boiling water

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Basanti’s beautiful eyes were bright even when more than 30% of her skin peeled off following a horrific burn by—we think—accidentally falling in boiling hot water. We do not have reason to suspect cruelty. She has a lovely guardian who has cared for her since she was a puppy, and who called us as soon as he found her hiding in pain.

Basanti needed extensive treatment and care each day to remove the burned layer of skin which has become necrotic and make sure that her wounds were clean and always fully protected with bandages to prevent infection.

You’ll marvel as we did when you watch this astounding young lady’s breath-taking recovery.

Just imagine if we hadn’t been able to rescue her. Please donate today.

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  • Shirley Nicholas

    Wonderful. Thank God for you fantastic caring loving people. Bless you for everything you do for animals in need. You work miracles.

  • Samyak jain

    You guys are doing a great job keep it up m very happy to see animals lovers like you guys
    Do you also have any clinic or hospital im delhi

  • Frances Rumsey

    Do you spade or neuters all of the dogs you bring in and are there any cats that you help?

  • Karan Sinha

    Hi Guys , you are doing good role in your life. I am very much interested to donate something for your superb team at this stage. I know words are not imp but act must say the way of prudence to your life. All the very best …

  • PoojaRohith

    Am so glad …and even I want to join ua charitable…I feel happy to serve the angels on the earth..i love ua work guys…I feel happy for ua work .keep it going☺?????

  • Barbara Foster

    I watched this beautiful story of Basanti and it made me think of the time I saved a kitten from a bucket of grease. It was grease from a french fryer that was cool but still liquid and the kitten was unable to climb out. When I took him out he ran away. I called a vet who came and looked for him following his trail of greasy footprints. But he was never able to find him. I hope he was all right.

  • Roberta Haertel

    God’s angels at work in our world do not sport wings and halos, or sit on clouds playing harps. Animal Aid Unlimited is a band composed of many gentle angels who extend God’s love and caring to His beloved creatures in India. Thank you, thank you, AAU.

  • C B

    Amazing work. God speed.

  • Michael Sauer

    God bless you, true heroes. There is really nothing much to say.

  • Michael Sauer

    God bless you, true divine heroes. There is really nothing much to say. Rgds from Germany!

  • Serenity CBD Hemp Oil

    I don’t unremarkably comment but I gotta state appreciate
    it for the post on this special one :D.

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