Puppy rescued from well has incredible reunion with mom

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Watch this video to see the tricky rescue of a puppy who had fallen into a well and his incredible family reunion immediately after being brought to safety by our rescuer Ganpat.

We received the call on our helpline in the morning and were told that there was a puppy who had been crying all night at the bottom of a well in a college campus.

When we arrived we were so happy to see that the poor little boy, though awfully sad, was uninjured and fit. He was crying for his mother and so frightened. The well was full of water but there was a ledge on the side where he had safely spent the night and was dry.

When Animal Aid rescuer Ganpat reached the bottom of the well he was met with a very vocal young man, who wasn’t too sure about being picked up. He had a good long barking session and then retreated into a corner of the ledge. From there Ganpat had to very quickly swoop him up and muzzle him with one hand to stop him from biting. The two were then pulled up out of the well and Ganpat released the wriggly boy.

He ran off and quickly found his mother, sister, father, and grampa too! The reunion and puppy’s sheer joy being back with his mom was truly one of the happiest sights we have ever seen.

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  • Anando

    well done as usual

  • Rebecca

    Beautiful! Thank you!

  • Sabine Larsen

    Good on you:)))
    Keep on the good work…

  • Selina

    You people are truly amazing! I love that you have so much love and respect for animals. I just wish i could help more. Keep up the fantastic work!!

  • Raju

    You guys Rock!!!

  • Ajay

    Thanks for your good work. Thanks to all the donors and volunteers too.

  • charu

    i m glad to see your work..n its too good to see something like dis for animals.please spread ur great work in other cities also..being very sensitive towards animals i dont find any such help centres in other cities. (y)

  • Maarle

    I am an New Zealander and I watch your videos and read your articles everyday since one year, and I am amazed to see how much your love the animals.

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