Puppies trapped for hours in rock-solid tar rescued

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Three tiny angels were trapped in hardened tar. They were so completely stuck, they couldn’t move a muscle. It looked like they’d been engulfed for hours, and one little baby’s mouth was even stuck open. Neighbors had heard their heart-wrenching cries for help and had called Animal Aid.

Prying them loose was impossible for the tense rescue team, so we had to cut the tar loose from the rocks below and bring the puppies and the tar and gravel they were stuck in back to the hospital. Determined volunteers and staff spent hours to soften the tar with oil and dishsoap, with time out only to plant kisses on the puppies’ noses. Multiple warm baths later…and wow. For babies who had been on the brink of death, this is what happiness looks like.

Please donate to save street animals in the most desperate need.

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  • louisa byrd

    Thank you for saving their little lives. They are so beautiful. God bless you all.😊🌹

  • Honour Leigh

    I admire you people SO much; you risk your own lives over and over to help animals. And you work miracles every day. Those little puppies trapped in a pool of hardened tar was so terrible, yet you saved them with your patience, care, and love (and a lot of cleaning). Bless all of you – you are such heroes.

  • Shirley Nicholas

    You are one of my favourite animal charities. What you do is nothing short of miracles. Bless you for your love, care and compassion for animals in need.

  • shashank

    you all guys are too great…i appricate you all…

  • Winnie

    This bought tears into my eyes more than some of the other videos. It’s so heartbreaking to see the little puppers cry in pain and fear. But it’s so heartwarming to see that someone took control of the situation by calling Animal Aid , an organization which surprises me with every rescue they undertake. It’s great to see that the responders were able to save the pups and the pups getting the love and care they deserve.

  • Manoj

    Very good

  • Pranusha

    You guys are the most amazing people i know… angels to thosd puppies.. thank you for saving them

  • Bonnie Wallace

    You are such angels. I was crying when I saw the poor little babies stuck in the tar. And so happy to see them clean and playing like reg. little babies r supposed to.

  • Karen Clarkson

    I’m a big softie for animals and I’m proud to be a regular donator to you very worthy cause. Keep up the terrific work you all do.. ❤️

  • Natalia

    congratulations! I accompany the work of you here in Brazil! you are amazing

  • Elly@royalhamam.com

    Hi Animal Aid Angels

    You are all so inspiring with your relentless commitment to helping these 4- legged darlings

    You are making the world a better place

  • Julia Stevenson-Renwick

    I love you all sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Julia x

  • Helga Krames

    Animal Aid Unlimited has a great and wonderful staff/personnel who rescue animals with patience, care, and love every day. Their work/help is indispensable. Thank you so much!!!

  • Rajesh

    SALUTE to Rescue Team, Love you People. Seriously, Saving one’s life more appreciate than giving birth to new one.

  • maggie geddes

    I love you all at AAU for your dedication and the commitment you make to helping all animals in need. You are an amazing organisation and hopefully the rest of India will do what you do rescuing God’s creatures from pain and suffering. You are the only animal charity I donate to as there is so much suffering of all animals in India who need incredible people like you. You never fail to amaze me with the lengths you go to help injured and sick animals.

  • Suzette

    As usual….nothing but the most beautiful side of humanity. Love to you all from many of us here. So very uplifting to see this beautiful spiritual side of humanity in light of all the turmoil throughout the world. This light that you all share is the true calling of all humans. Thank you for casting aside the veil which covers the eyes of humanity. Wish we were there with you…maybe someday.

  • Sonia

    I’ve seen this video today (feb,18, 2018) and it broke my heart.
    Thanks God you guys exist and helped those puppies.
    I hope they have been adopted by loving families and are safe and happy.
    God bless you all!
    I’m unemployed by now but soon I’ll be able to make a donation you deserce most.

  • Elena

    Thak you for existing. Your work is very important for these poor souls. We love you.

  • Bavani

    Your team like a God for animals, I love you all, no words is enough for express your services, your team is awesome.

  • Nirmel Paul

    It’s happy to see a team who taking care of animal lives(Rescue).Those animals deserved to be with you all.. As my opinion is to establish your organization throughout india.

  • Nirmel Paul

    It’s happy to see the peoples who is working out to save animals . As those animals are deserved to stay with u all..Organizations like you should establish allover India….

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